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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why packaged tea is brewed faster?

packaged tea
Titestery Companies "May" answer to the question why the packaged tea brews faster than the sheet?

The size of the tea leaf does not specify a mandatory quality tea. The key to producing good tea, as well as the main factors that make it so diverse in taste, aroma and appearance properties are:

a) The collection of tea and soft raw material (green leaf, from which then get the finished product). Ideally, it's not overripe tea escape with the first two leaves and a bud (tips) hand-picking;
b) climatic conditions (after tea loves heat and humidity);
c) soil;
d) geography;
d) height growth;
e) compliance technology for processing of green tea leaves, aimed at getting conceived characteristics.

All this means that the tea bag is the derivative of sorted total weight of tea leaves of different sizes. Thus, the tea bags can be both bad and good. As well as the large leaf teas.

As for the brewing time and the astringency of tea, then, relatively, small tea extract pays better. The reason is that the surface of tea leaves less, and small particles easier to part with its contents. Why conditionally? Keep in mind that not all types of tea is the main indicator of the quality of the infusion rate in water up to the maximum of dark color, approaching the color of brewed coffee.