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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moroccan mint tea

The very sweet and minzwürzige tea is offered in Morocco anywhere and at any opportunity. He's alert and refreshed at the same time.


4 sprigs of fresh mint (if possible Nane-mint)
4 tsp Chinese green tea (Gunpowder)
1,2 liter of soft water or still water
10-12 Sugar Cubes

Step 1
Wash the mint, 6 pluck leaves and set aside. Give (preferably with trivet) the tea in a teapot. Boil the water, pour about 2 full glasses of tea on the tea and pour immediately.

Step 2
Enter the Minzstängel into the teapot. The rest, no longer boiling hot water over the tea and pour the mint. The sugar cube admit and provide the teapot on a warmer. Can invite a maximum of 3 minutes the tea.

Step 3
Fill a glass of tea, thereby holding up the pot as possible, so that the Teestrahl comes into contact with air. Again pour the tea from the glass into the pot and repeat the process two or three times, so that opens up the flavor. Distribute the mint leaves on the tea glasses and pour the tea. Serve hot as possible.