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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Frisian tea type

frisian tea type recipe
Since the candy dissolves only gradually in the tea, he is enough for three cups - as is the Frisians right.


6-7 tsp East Frisian tea blend (predominantly Assam teas) , 1 liter of soft water , coarse white sugar candy , fresh cream

Step 1

The teapot (about 1 l collectively) rinse with boiling water. Fill tea leaves in a strainer. Bring the lime-water to a boil, about ¼ liter of boiling pour over the tea leaves. The teapot covered to provide a Teest√∂vchen and let the Teeansatz draw 3 min.

Step 2
Then the rest of the (now not so hot) water pour. Can draw a further 2-3 minutes, lift the strainer. Continue to keep the tea hot on the warmer.

Step 3
To enjoy it is a thick piece of candy ("rock sugar") into a cup and pour the hot tea over it, so that the sugar crackles. Using a teaspoon, a dash of cream (a "Wulkje," a cloud) be on top not stir. Drink the tea through the cream.