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Monday, July 29, 2013

Black tea protects the teeth

This is one of the lesser known modes of action of the black teas , especially as more commonly the opinion is widespread that smoking, drinking coffee and so too does the tea drinking leads to unsightly discoloration of the teeth. This is true. However, that was in the discolorations that may be caused by the black tea ingredients are proven prevent tooth decay.  

This is the polyphenols, which prevent the mouth that the ingested starch can be converted to glucose. That this transformation already taking place in the mouth, one can easily notice, by keeping a piece of dried hard bread for a long time in the mouth and chews. After some time, one finds a sweet taste that was not there before.This is due to the glucose formed here. However, this also represents the food for acid-forming bacteria, which are located in the oral cavity and the main cause of tooth decay are considered. 

If due to the tea polyphenols contained only now no glucose is formed, it lights up quickly, that this also means the emergence of tooth decay is prevented. Moreover, some physicians are of the opinion that the now diminished metabolism of the acid-forming bacteria also to a reduction of bad breath leads and therefore recommend daily drinking of tea or repeated rinsing of the mouth with it. provides tea is another for dental health relevant material - The fluoride .
Firming function of the tooth enamel Flourids is almost known to all people, at the latest, when they become parents. Because to the primary care of newborns and infants aged up to one year is the gift of fluoride tablets that are prescribed by a pediatrician. adults get these tablets no longer prescribed, but this does not mean that they do not need fluoride for their teeth today. This will now be fed by the daily mixed diet. If you've considering, which industrial processes nowadays is subject to our food, which is rather doubtful. So it's of great benefit that tea such a high fluoride content has, more than any other food.