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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Indian ginger-spiced tea

indian ginger spiced tea recipe
The Indian chai with spices and milk tastes equally good in the heat and in the cold.


1 small cinnamon stick
1 tsp green cardamom pods
5 cloves
½ l-lime or filtered water
15 g fresh ginger
5 tsp black tea (Assam)
2-3 tablespoons sugar or honey
½ liter of milk

Step 1

The cinnamon crumble. Cardamom pods and cloves crush something. Sprinkle the spices in a pan and lightly fry over medium heat, stirring, until fragrant. Pour and heat the water.

Step 2
Peel the ginger, cut into thin slices and add. All covered can be drawn for 25 minutes at low heat.

Step 3
The tea leaves and sugar or honey, allow to stand for about 5 more minutes. Stir in the milk, heat briefly. Pour the milk tea through a strainer into large cups and serve.