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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

General Instruction for preparation tea

For optimal enjoyment of tea, the water should be fresh, soft and free of chlorine. It should always be considered the manufacturer's dosage and withdrawal times. However, one can assume the following rules of thumb:


When black boiling water should be used to dissolve the fine flavorings from the sheet. A stimulating effect is min at an infusion time 2 to 3 achieved.
Drawing with increasing duration, the first caffeine dissolved by the tannins (tannins) is bound. Thus, the longer pulling tea no longer seems so stimulating.

Green tea should be brewed generally colder. Green tea can be brewed between 50-80 degree hot water. Brewing times varying between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. 2nd Infusion is usually the better. For optimum enjoyment, give special attention to the manufacturer's recommendation.

White tea also should not be brewed too hot. 70 -90 degrees, with a maximum of 3 minutes steeping time here are usually recommended. Even the white tea can be brewed several times. Each infusion will have a different taste level.

Sensitive as green or white tea, yellow tea with the 80-95 degree hot water should be brewed.

Preparation - Herbal and Fruit Tea
Since ingredients and volume of herbal and fruit teas are very different, there is no general statements on the preparation. Then let the tea brew five to ten minutes.