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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Losing weight and Green Tea

Lose Weight by Green Tea: Numerous studies show positive effects of green tea on metabolism, basal metabolic rate, reduction in fat intake and hormones.

Decreasing effect of green tea

For millennia, the healing is effect of green tea known. In addition to the extremely positive supply with nutrients that promote healing and a partial healing properties ascribed to it in many physical problems and diseases. The importance of green tea for health is so large that the Camellia sinensis var sinensis (tea plant / sinensis) is one of the most important medicinal plants. In addition, the green tea is also a decreasing effect attributed.

And this is not only because that green tea has almost no calories leg and thus, unlike many other beverages, does not make a negative contribution to the energy balance. Rather, the various ingredients of green tea have a significant effect on the metabolism . It is the combination of different types of green tea Sencha and Gyokuro , supplemented by Bancha, Benifuuki powder , green tea extract and Matcha particularly meaningful and purposeful (see below). In addition, the bitters and phytochemicals act conducive to appetite for sweets and are conducive to the liver and the hormonal balance.

Studies for losing weight with green tea

Numerous scientific studies on green tea back up these statements. In particular, the special combination form of caffeine in green tea and the famous catechins (especially EC, EGC, ECG, EGCG), studies have shown in several in vitro specifically for losing weight with green tea that these on the fat digestion and absorption of fat by reducing the stomach and intestines impact. Simultaneously has been demonstrated repeatedly that these ingredients to stimulate metabolism (thermogenesis), the basal metabolic rate or Increase energy expenditure and certain enzymes inhibit. This led to promote weight loss.

By Examining the scientific databases for trials with human subjects to the effects of green tea on weight loss and on body weight are found alone since 2000, more than 40 studies . These mostly relate to the isolated effect of catechins (especially EGCG) and caffeine. As a result, show more than three-quarters of the studies a positive influence of drugs on the parameters studied.

The significant positive effects of green tea in terms of achieving the "ideal weight" at a glance:

Reduction of fat absorption in the stomach and intestines,
Inhibition of specific lipase activity (enzymes for fat absorption),
Increase the basal metabolic energy, and stimulate the metabolism.
Bitter substances can reduce the sugar starvation.
Bitter substances conducive to the liver.
Green tea is beneficial to regulate the intestinal flora and also has anti-fungal.
The EGCG in green tea is beneficial for the hormonal balance (eg, estrogen dominance).

Bitter substances in green tea and sugar starvation

Apart from these effects should also be noted that Green tea, especially the types of Sencha and Bancha Benifuuki, have high levels of bitterness have. Regular intake of bitter substances altered sense of taste, so sweet dishes increasingly bitter foods taste so good and getting better. The appetite or even cravings for sweets and carbohydrates is so much less isolated. And this is extremely beneficial for both the blood sugar levels, as well as for sugar metabolism and for regulating a natural ideal weight down.

The human tongue also has receptors for more than bitter for sweet flavors. In today's unhealthy diet often dominated by a high proportion of sweet or sugary substances. If the bitter taste receptors get better educated and trained, less sweet foods can only be properly exercised and enjoyed again, while the sweet foods stand out as increasingly less palatable.

Intestinal mushrooms and green tea

Not infrequently, cravings for sweets and is insulated by a damaged intestinal flora or carbohydrates by intestinal fungi triggered. Gut fungi require a lot of sugar and transfer this hunger on their host. A very effective measure in the "tool box" of intestinal rehabilitation is the regular intake of green tea, again particularly the varieties Sencha Benifuuki, Karigane Sencha and Bancha. It's not just about the effect of bitter substances, but also in particular to the catechins, alkaloids and flavonoids contained in green tea. The aim should not be to combat intestinal fungus directly, but to switch to healthy diet and the intestinal mucosa. This will lead to a stabilization of the intestinal flora and thus indirectly to a larger balance of intestinal fungi.

Healthy liver and green tea

Also worth mentioning is the positive health effects of bitterness and the tea polyphenols on the liver . China is considered old house rule has always been that every household a good bitter tea should always be present. A healthy liver is the cornerstone of a good overall metabolism in the body and therefore contributes fundamentally to the achievement of an ideal-weight.

EGCG in green tea and hormonal
The much-praised and studied catechin EGCG (phytochemicals) contained a great deal in green tea. According to studies, it has a positive effect on hormonal activity, as well as in menopause, and estrogen promotes the formation of softer types, so that estrogen dominance can be mitigated. This plays for the achievement of ideal weight therefore a not unimportant role because hormonal imbalances, especially estrogen dominance, can be the cause of obesity. An excess estrogen leads to an increased incorporation of triglycerides in the fat cells. If such dominance, can result in a decrease due to be extremely difficult to nearly impossible due to a thyroid disorder of excessive fat deposition and / or.

How much can you lose weight?

In the majority of studies showed a significant effect on fat burning, metabolism and BMR. This usually manifests itself in a corresponding significant weight loss. From the many studies but no clear link between the amount of green tea can be derived and the reduction of body weight. One should not conclude that the more weight you lose, the more you take green tea to be so. Rather, it is important to drink an adequate minimum daily amount of green tea. To emphasize is that most scientific studies are rather short. Positive effects on the liver and the intestine occur but mainly medium term. This means that significant positive effects in many studies probably could not be detected.

Minimum quantity for different indications are mentioned in the studies. We recommend at least 2 daily servings of green tea with 2-3 tsp tea eta 0.3-0.4 l to drink. Are there no other confounding factors or health problems and is sufficient physical activity available, should a significant development towards the ideal weight to be realized.

It decreases in each case?

Since obesity and the metabolic situation depend on numerous factors, does not apply to all situations that the intake of green tea will necessarily lead to a loss of excess weight. There is a morbid, severe obesity, ie obesity, the action in its entirety and its main causes is to consider and treat (unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, acidification, hormonal and liver disorders, etc.), if you want to achieve customer order. But you can still assume that the green tea weight loss goal for the personal " tailwind will make. " It can be important to give some tips and advice. And last but not least, it is easy, tasty and generally conducive to health, drinking green tea and its effect on the metabolism own just for trying.

Can you lose weight fast?

In our experience, often shows a sustained significant effect of green tea just right after a regular daily intake of about 2-3 months (at least 2 servings per 2-3 tsp quality tea to 0.3-0.4 l of water), but then quite sustainable. Smaller effects can be felt very soon does. How much can you lose weight, however, is strongly dependent on the causes of obesity. The green tea increases the basal metabolic rate when taken regularly and contributes a constant cause location alone usually results in a significant reduction. Do not look at the green tea better than a mere means to reduce a certain number of kilograms of weight in a certain period, but to be in order to promote metabolism and its organs and harmonize in order to do something good for your health and a natural way to come to his ideal weight.

Tea, extract, capsules or drops

Matcha powderThis raises the question of whether you can drink to lose weight, the ingredients of green tea by tea better, or in the form of green tea extract, or to take capsules or drops for itself. As for the effect of green tea on lipid metabolism, the research so far focused mainly on the specific polyphenols called catechins . These phytochemicals are found in almost any other plant in this amount and combination. They are at higher doses in the bitter green tea varieties, such as the Sencha , available. In particularly high concentrations they are isolated in the green tea extract usually offered as capsules. However, studies have recently out that the catechins only develop their full effect along with the numerous other ingredients of the tea plant, and all are less comprehensive in isolated form. Also can bring adverse effects to the body with a too high dosage of catechins. This calls for the ingestion of green tea in the form of a tea infusion, supplemented with green tea powder (fine zermahlenes whole tea leaf green tea from catechinreichen places) or possibly by green tea extract for best possible effect. Especially recommended is the combination of the Japanese varieties Sencha ( fat metabolism ) and Gyokuro (sugar metabolism) , supplemented by particular Bancha ( against acidification ), Sencha Karigane and Matcha (strong Antixodans) . is highly recommended in addition to the regular treatment particularly catechin powder Benifuuki perform. Through them, you get to enjoy a unique ingredient and nutrient combination.

Hyperacidity, obesity and Bancha

Another not insignificant aspect for stubborn obesity may be that an acidification of the body is present. Many people do not know that too acidic environment in the body can interfere with the metabolism of fats and highly favored by a rise, or a weight loss more difficult. To produce a more basic milieu of Japanese green tea can Bancha contribute particularly well.

Free radicals, antioxidants and metabolism

Similar to an excessive acidification of the body, too many free radicals, which are incorporated or formed by poor diet or toxins interfere with metabolism greatly. Against the free radicals act called Antoxidantien. Green tea is one of the most common antioxidants of all foods, led by the green tea powder matcha (highest ORAC value). The intake of Matcha can therefore achieve very good effects on metabolism.


How can you lose weight with green tea?

The best effect on the metabolism and thus will usually also for the goal, his ideal weight, our recommendation is to drink at certain regular Japanese green tea varieties that complement each other perfectly. The way of tea preparation and drinking is very important and it is advisable to learn about all the details carefully. To help, we recommend green tea extract. In overview, you should note the following:

Daily varieties Gyokuro (1 serving in the morning with 3 tsp of 0.3-0.4 liters of water) and sencha (lunch or afternoon, 1 serving with 2 tsp of 0.3-0.4 liters of water) to drink. This is the core of the recommendation.
It is helpful in addition, in the evening the variety Bancha or Sencha Karigane to take turns to him. This is not a must, but very beneficial.
The intake of Benifuuki powder in a shake / smoothie or possibly even green tea extract also significantly supported. This catechins are fed intensively.
The intake of Matcha , also ideally unheated in a shake or smoothie, powerful antioxidants.
In all teas should be strong enough to high quality care. At least 79% efficiency, with greater metabolic problems, it should > 90% be, see the article Tips for buying green tea .
The proper preparation of tea plays a very important role. The most important factors are in the post preparation of green tea for losing weight together.


Excess weight places in the Western industrialized countries, is a major health risk factors dar. Lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle (eg stress), poor nutrition, acidosis, insufficient supply of nutrients, toxins in food and the environment and resulting metabolic and hormonal disturbances are the main reasons for to high levels in the body mass index. But nevertheless, the number of obese people in the last decades has developed rapidly upward, so that one can speak of an extreme aggravation of the problem.


The obesity (Latin adeps = fat), obesity or obesity - also known colloquially as obesity - is a disorder of metabolism that leads to severe to profound obesity. One speaks of obesity when, is Body Mass Index (BMI), or also known as body mass index 30 +. The BMI is calculated as body weight divided by height squared (kg zB74 / (1.62 mx 1.62 m) = BMI of 28.2).

The normal weight for men is at an age of 25-34 years with a BMI of 20 to 24.9, 19 to 23.9 for women. Obese have compared a BMI of 25-29.9 (men) or 24 to 29.9 (women) and obese was a BMI of> 30 in women and men. With age, this BMI classification is in some authors shifted slightly upwards, so that for example the normal weight is at a> 64 years old people assigned to a BMI of 24-29. However, this can lead to abstruse statements. Weighs a person with 1.70 m length at the age of 25 years, 65 kg with a BMI of 22.5, it is their normal weight at 65 years of age BMI of 24 to 69.4 kg at least once. Not take them, they would therefore be underweight. This age supplement is therefore rather due to the fact that older people because of lack of exercise and poor diet often weigh more than in recent years.

The BMI should also be taken only as a rough guide. It takes into account, for example, not one belongs to which body type (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) as the ratio between muscle and fat is and how much water is stored in the body.

The causes of obesity are generally in a positive and malnutrition, metabolic and endocrine disorders, genetic predisposition, external factors (such as toxins), but also mental and psychological reasons (stress, worry, blockades, injuries, etc.). Obesity is one of the world's biggest diseases and risk factors of major diseases, in particular coronary artery disease (especially atherosclerosis), certain types of cancer and diabetes mellitus. Against this background, it is of course of great importance, often to be heard if the assertion is true that the intake of green tea, or green tea extract or its constituents using powder, actually supports the removal or accelerated.