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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taylors of Harrogate: Yorkshire Gold Tea Reviews

taylors of harrogate yorkshire gold tea reviews

Yorkshire Gold is love by far the very best tea for all, the strong Assam, as I do. Then every other black tea tastes like dishwater.

My favorite tea!
Just a good English tea, Ceylon more than Assam, copper brown mug, a bag is enough for me for a pint! Can I drink with and without milk.

The most delicious tea in the world!
I do not know the tea is delicious and both morning to be awake and evening to relax tastes great! Unfortunately it is quite expensive compared to the tea's from the supermarket. But here on Amazon I've found the cheapest option!

The best there is at what English tea!
... and I say this with conviction. To all the lovers of famous English teas, tried Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire in particular the coronation gold. I highly recommend it. And if possible drive to Harrogate and you begrudge a tea in Betty's.