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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tea Filter - Strainer

Under a tea filter or strainer , refers to a tool, and tools for filtering tea. Types of tea filters tea filter can be very different in this material, shape and composition.
  • Cotton tea filter / tea net - filter consists here of natural cotton to a handle.
  • Tea Infuser - lockable container for cups with larger openings in the stainless steel container.
  • Tea Infuser Strainer - Fine-meshed strainer for cups. With metal chain or pliers for cups.
  • Metal mesh - Fine mesh sieve. Often in different sizes with handles for cups and cans.
  • Tea permanent filter - there is usually a fine-mesh sieve net gilt material. In general, for pitchers.
  • Paper filter - similar to a paper coffee filter and used only once, but can be disposed of organic waste.
  • Paper filter

Tea filter or strainer?

Usually metal filters are referred to as strainer, of which filter is the generic term. advice for the tea filter selection is general as recommended for teapots large strainers so that the tea leaves can develop well in a sieve and both flavor than also can make good ingredients to the water. Small tea strainers are therefore often referred to as Teegef√§ngnis. Paper filters often have the advantage that they abide by their fine porosity, small airborne particles back and still allows a good passage of flavors.