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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mate Classic

Mate tea (mate) - tonic drink high in caffeine.

Traditionally, yerba mate is prepared in a special container "Calabash", and is drunk with "fish is." Mate do not recommend brewing with boiling water, the water temperature should be 70-80 degrees, otherwise mate emit dangerous substances and begins to taste bitter.

Mate calabash filled by two thirds. Then it must be tilted so that welding on a wall is poured, on the other hand a void. carefully. small portions vslit a little hot water to brew smochilas.Neskolko minutes to wait until the water is absorbed into the tea leaves, and do not get a thick paste. Then the fish is lower, and add to the top of the water, and almost immediately (within 30 seconds) you can drink.

If push for longer, will taste bitter.