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Monday, July 8, 2013

Herbal teas win

Herbal teas and berries this winter appeared in almost every bar charts of the city. Restaurant and leisure complex "expedition" offers vitamin and health tea herbal tea. In the so-called spa cafe menu at Petrovka Fresh tea with oregano, sage, yarrow and other herbs. The visitor can drink yourself and infusions, and combine them at the sole discretion of black or green tea. Art Director cafe Fresh warns: "You can not assume that if you drink one cup of herbal infusion useful, then you have all the right to health was adjusted. One-time use of vitamins is welcome, but it is better to bad substances washed out all the time.However, and one cup of herbal tea or berry will be the effect. " Of course, all the herbs must be properly collected and dried. It is equally important to understand the nature of medicinal herbal infusions and teas, otherwise you can not improve, worsen health.

Denis Simachev Bar presented his audience, "Krasnaya herbal tea" (190 rub.) And "Dombay tea with berries" (200 rubles). Prescription of the Denis Simachev. In a democratic "Pyramid" offer non-alcoholic fruit punch option based on Hibiscus and pomegranate juice (190 rub.). Even the Italian restaurant La Grotta is being left out to include the bar list ginger tea with lime, honey and cinnamon (120 rubles). Colonial.

"Before the tea concoctions were - explains Catherine Drozdov, owner gastropub "Simple Things." - We are at, as in the old days, brew everything that grows, and tops and roots . " Grass, leaves, petals, roots, classic spice, parts of fruit peel of citrus - any of the "nechayno teas" will contain these ingredients in different proportions. "Traditional Medicine" - that's the basis of this trend. Chamomile relieves headaches, soothes yarrow, St. John's wort helps the liver. Suitable grass or root there for every occasion of life and condition. A classic example of Central Asian combinations that can cure a bad cold - black tea with thyme.

Suitable grass or root there for every occasion of life and any state

"I prefer thyme that grows in the highlands of Kyrgyzstan - says Stalik Khankishiyev, Chef "Grand Bouffe". - After the second cup of tea with a good thyme normal man must break through sweat. It is not used tea elite varieties, just tea, which does not lose its properties after long infusion. In poured the tea leaves and tea thyme, pour boiling water and put heated - but not boiling - on the stove for about fifteen minutes. It turns flavored drink very beautiful color, which my father used to call the color of the cock's tail " .

Tea habits in Russia, according to Stalik Khankishiyeva who moved to Moscow from Fergana, in many ways similar traditions of Central Asia - we prefer the taste is not as much tea as supplements. As the latter are increasingly used native herbs and fruit. Maybe on the same wave gastronomic patriotism came last year in the fashion Kamchatka crabs, barley and buckwheat porridge, a menu with seasonal ingredients. The trend is good news, because it is nothing more than a desire to work with existing and master your own gastronomic luggage.