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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From what is made Tea Bag?

A tea bag is a bag made ​​of special paper or fabric, etc. with the filled of portion of tea or herbal tea. Tea bags are usually manufactured industrially, but there are also paper filter for self filling. However, these are much larger in his rule. especially in Germany -  double chamber tea bags with string are sold.
This guy (the inventor is the company "teapot") is also found in many other countries. In Britain, however, mainly tea bag without line are used, the angular (Yorkshire Tea, etc.), round (Tetley) or pyramidal (PG Tips) can be.
Equally popular are tea bags made ​​of transparent material polylactide an insight into the possible contents of the tea bag. These bags are pyramidal (Lipton, Lidl fruit) or pincushion (Tazo Tea, Twinings). Contrary to popular belief, bags made ​​of compostable polylactide are just like those of filter paper. The company "Kusmi Tea" offers tea in bags of muslin.