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Friday, July 19, 2013

Caffeine - 10 Tips for dealing with Green Tea

Tips to avoid incompatibilities with the green tea and reduce. Above all, caffeine in green tea can cause nausea, etc., trouble sleeping.

Caffeine healthy?

The caffeine in green tea is in a very special way bound to tannins and positive interaction with other active ingredients, in particular the amino acid L-theanine before. It has in this particular combination on health-promoting effects. Please inform yourself this in our post " caffeine in green tea "before you find ways to simply reduce the caffeine content.
Side effects of caffeine in green tea

Nevertheless, the caffeine in green tea can cause uncomfortable symptoms in certain conditions, such as can not sleep, nausea, nervousness, etc. Please refer to the contribution side effects of green tea to learn more about the background.

Those suffering from such side effects of green tea, then I strongly recommend to take steps to get up to a tolerance. Another goal is to examine whether really the caffeine from the symptoms is guilty. For this, the following tips may be helpful.

10 tips for dealing with the green tea intolerance

  1. The right green tea buy
    Independent tests show it again: Just simpler quality of tea consistently highlight a surprisingly high loads of pesticides and other pollutants. By the consumption of such teas, naturally unpleasant effects are inevitable. Buy only teas good quality and from the stores you trust. Avoid simple tea bag, since usually a lower quality of the ingredients present and the less "muffled" the caffeine in worse combination. Choose possible only steamed green tea, so usually Japanese green tea. When roasted (Chinese) green tea, a significant portion of the valuable contents were destroyed by the heat.
  2. Buy only Japanese green tea from radiation moderately unloaded regions. 
    Basically the only green tea from Shizuoka regions and particular account of possible radiation exposure should Uji down to the south of Japan (Kyushu Island, for example, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, etc.) are consumed. The most traditional Uji region is already several hundreds of kilometers away from Fukushima. Above all, the prevailing wind direction also blows in the opposite wind direction. The large island of Kyushu has many very good growing areas (though not quite as good as Uji) and is over 1000 km away from Fukushima.
  3. The correct preparation largely determines the composition of green tea. 
    Choosing the optimal brewing time , the water temperature , dosage, etc. decides whether the caffeine in tea is more or less compatible with the drug combination produced. Consider the factors recommended a proper preparation.
  4. Can check the health problems with caffeine in green tea. Deny in diseases and medication necessarily with the doctor. 
    The tea is perfect and also the preparation, but still show unpleasant symptoms of excessive consumption of green tea? I recommend to check whether present health problems are made ​​clear by the tea. Green tea is in my experience an unmistakable indicator of disease and stress . In this disease, or taking medication should necessarily with the doctor or medical practitioner talked about the intake of green tea and advance the causes of health burden are sought. Please read alsorisks of green tea .
  5. Adjust the consumption of green tea to your being. 
    Dosage and choice of tea type should be chosen so that the unpleasant symptoms do not show. First select varieties for problems with low caffeine content. Discover your tolerance level and check it again. Crawl the tea slowly and gradually increase the intensity. The body can get used to the caffeine in general. Slight health problems are partially healed by the green tea alone, so that then the side effects should disappear.
  6. Drinking enough water. 
    Beverage with light interval of at least an additional 0.3 l fresh still water to 0.3 l green tea .Basically 30 ml of fresh still water per kilogram of body weight should be consumed daily (eg 2.1 liters of water at 70 kg body weight). And thus relieving you support your elimination organs.
  7. Select caffeine content of the tea places. 
    Eery tea type has a significantly different active ingredient composition and caffeine content. See the contribution of caffeine and green tea varieties . But It does not necessarily mean that a lower caffeine content also means a much better tolerability. Just have too much caffeine teas with more amino acids and partially buffer the effect of caffeine better. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb applies: Bancha and especially Karigane / Kukicha are much more compatible than Sencha (1 plucking) or even Gyokuro. A second plucking Sencha has less caffeine than the first picking.
  8. Ensure freshness of green teas. 
    Purchase only possible airtight welded package tea. Store the green tea properly. Make sure that he is not too old. Just as has the tea water, those precious ingredients in sufficient measure to make the caffeine-friendly.
  9. Drink green tea rapidly. 
    The freshly prepared green tea should be within about 10 minutes to drink. Otherwise disintegrate important ingredients, but not the caffeine so that absent a damping effect of caffeine.
  10. Caffeine and second infusion. 
    I's true that most of the caffeine in the first infusion is included. But because of the health benefits, I recommend exactly this, and only this infusion, insofar as it is well tolerated. Reduce prefer the caffeine effect with the above measures, to be selected as a second or even third infusion and pour away the first infusion.