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Friday, July 12, 2013

The caffeine content of green tea and black tea is comparable

Green tea and black tea come from the same plant, so the ingredients do not differ only once. Only a few substances by fermentation in black tea can be changed, which will remain in the green tea in their original form.

Related to the caffeine content which primarily means that there is no fundamental difference between green tea and black tea are. Determine how much caffeine contains the tea is only once the origin and tea. Other conditions are the light conditions during growth and the brew time the tea.
Regarding the caffeine content is Darjeeling tea is the leader among the teas. This black tea contains, based on the dry weight, 4 percent caffeine. The Gunpowder green and the black Ceylon tea are 2.5 percent in midfield. Contains very little caffeine Japan Bancha tea . This mild green tea has a caffeine content of 1.6 percent.

How much caffeine a tea plant produces depends very much on the sunlight. Shrubs that grow in the shade, contain more caffeine than those that grow in the sun.

Not quite right way, is the statement that black tea would have a calming effect after a preparation time of 5 minutes. At 2 minutes in boiling water, in some black teas sufficient to remove half of the available caffeine in the leaves. After about 3 minutes the tea leaf contained in the start tannins to resolve. These tannins react with the caffeine already solved, so that it is no longer usable for the body. A portion of the caffeine so it can no longer be stimulating, but it does not disappear completely.

If you pour 10 grams of tea with one liter of water containing the finished brew between 200 and 400 milligrams of caffeine. For comparison, a liter of coffee contains 350-1100 mg of caffeine. In the tea contains caffeine acts differently than from coffee. While the caffeine goes straight into the blood from the coffee, the caffeine from the tea is taken up slowly because of the tannins.

By the way, whether from caffeine, caffeine, theine, or Tein Thein's speech is purely chemically there is no difference. In its actual effect is caffeine from coffee and tea do not differ.

But people who can not sleep after drinking caffeinated beverages still have to do without their green tea or black tea. With gentle methods, it is now possible to produce decaffeinated tea. Compared to traditional teas decaffeinated version has a better taste and a richer color. Decaffeinated tea that is an equivalent alternative to normal tea and also for people with high blood pressure is suitable.