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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Green tea helps against depression

Green tea acts as an antidepressant for retirees. This conclusion was made by Japanese scientists.

In the study, they found that elderly people who drink four cups of tea a day, the risk of developing symptoms of depression is 44% lower than those who drink no more than one daily cup.

The experiment took part in a little over a thousand people. 488 respondents reported that they drink every day for more than four cups of green tea, 284 respondents - two or three cups, and 286 - one or less.

Scientists believe that the protective properties of green tea gives the amino acid theanine, which has a calming effect on the brain.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tea with lemon cure depression

Winter is still done its job, and you have started vitamin deficiency and its accompanying depression? Do not worry! Eat more fruits and drink tea with lemon. This will help you regain strength, to remedy the lack of vitamins and returns the perfect mood.

Tea with lemon doctors prescribed for depression and hypotension, it is courage and a pleasant taste. In the plant contains a specific restorative material - schisandrine.

In Russia naturally found only one type of magnolia - the Chinese. It grows in the Far East. As the drug is used as a raw material itself vine and its fruit.

Tea with lemon grass is easy to prepare yourself. Two tablespoons of black tea pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, let stand 5 minutes. In parallel, two tablespoons of fruit of Chinese magnolia brew 0.5 liters of boiling water. The resulting infusion broth and pour into the pan, cover and let stand 10 minutes. Tasty and healthy drink is ready! Remember, it is not recommended to take lemongrass after 18 hours, and nailimonneyshego your mood!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Victoria Beckham is drinking Puer to lose weight

victoria beckham drink puer tea to lose weight

Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls actively lose weight and makes in this field of notable successes of public eye. The reason, according to our source, in the consumption of Victoria Puer tea.

"We have advised Victoria to drink Pu-erh tea Imperial (Puerh Imperial) three times a day and watch as her weight decreases. After three months, you can reduce the dosage to one cup a day, "said the salesman Puer in one of the shops in Madrid.

A few months ago, Victoria Beckham and her family visited this place, and since then the seller Puer keeps them all on the hook. He also said that a former member of the Spice Girls is a fan of tea T Tokyo, which cleans the skin and prevents hunger.

Perhaps with such a splendid name, Victoria once interested and tea "Victoria." Wait and see!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tea bags under the eyes

Eyes - the mirror of the soul. Hardly anyone wants instead of his beautiful soul only people to notice the bags under the eyes. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of bags under the eyes and to prevent their occurrence.

For starters, you need to figure out what is causing the problem. Bags under the eyes appear when the delicate skin under the eyes loses its elasticity. With age in the art will readily accumulate fluid and body fat. In addition, the tendency to the appearance of bags under the eyes affects heredity. Just a few reasons - lack of sleep, smoking, iron deficiency, dependency on caffeine and toxins. Very often these changes unattractive face are caused by stress.

To reduce the number of factors that could cause the appearance of bags under the eyes, try to adjust your sleep, avoid stress, learn to relax. Eat a healthy diet, it is advisable not much salt: Salt retains fluid in the body. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drink green tea and water: Water helps flush toxins.

Wake up, do yourself a light facial massage to tone the muscles around the eyes. So you not only improve blood circulation, but also help prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

If the problem does not go away, and your family with her no one had ever encountered, consult your doctor.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to brew green tea

Tea is best live spring water with low mineral content. Before all brewing tea utensils should be rinsed with boiling water. Once warmed crockery, you can start brewing tea.

Amount of tea infuser is determined individually, on average, for green tea - one teaspoon per 150 - 200 ml. water. Neperekipevshey tea is brewed with water, cooled to a temperature of 80 - 85 ° C.

The first time green tea insist 1,5 - 2 minutes and completely drained in Chahal, or "sea of ​​tea", from which poured into cups. This achieves the same fortress present in all the cups. It is important to fully brewed tea into cups overflowed, and did not stay in the kettle, otherwise it will be bitter to the taste.

In subsequent tea leaves steeping time gradually increased to 15 - 20 seconds. Depending on the type of green tea can withstand three to five infusions, each time to surprise you with new shades of flavor and aroma.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Collection of herbal tea

herbal tea
Nowadays, the craze of various exotic foods, many have forgotten that in the native open spaces you can find a variety of herbs and plants that are not only equal, but in many ways superior to overseas. Do not forget that plants are living with us in the same band, the body will bring many more benefits. So do not rush to shell out for expensive imported tea. Herbal tea - it's delicious, and most importantly a useful alternative to the classic tea beverage.

You can buy herbal tea in a pharmacy or make your own. Gathering herbs can be your blank same year as jam or pickles. The main thing to remember that it is necessary to collect herbs in clean areas, away from urban centers, industrial plants, etc. And please note that it is not necessary to check the effect of a grass on his own body. Before taking a particular herb collection should definitely consult a doctor, because the use of one organ of the human body can be accompanied by the harm done to another. So many herbal teas are not advised to drink for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract due to the large amounts of acid. It also can cause the destruction of tooth enamel if overused herbal tea.

Before taking this or that plant, you need to carefully examine what kind of disease it is intended to treat. After all, the action spectrum herbal very wide. This is a diuretic, expectorant, tonic, laxative, antipyretic, sedative or an invigorating effect. Herb Gathering - is not mere entertainment, and a science. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of these herbalists in Russia. But it only knows at what time and in what areas it is best to collect every plant, how to best handle, store raw materials and finished herbal teas, ointments, compresses and lapping.

Herbal chamomile tea copes with a headache, as well as a choleretic, sedative, diaphoretic. Chamomile contains a set of important body substances: essential oils, protein, gum, and apigenin. However, excessive use of camomile tea can lead to the formation of sand in the kidney, CNS depression and decrease muscle tone.

Contrary to popular belief most vitamin C is not a lemon, and wild rose. In addition, he is rich, and other vitamins and trace elements. Tea from the hips normalizes blood pressure, improves the digestive tract and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It should not be use in patients with thrombophlebitis, endocarditis and heart failure.

Tea made from berries and raspberry leaf is rich in vitamins, fiber, organic acid. It is used as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, diaphoretic, anti-emetic. Raspberry is very effective for colds due to the content of salicylic acid in it. Raspberries should not be consumed by people suffering from gout and nephritis.

Mint tea? this is a delicious drink and healthy beverage. Thanks to menthol it lowers blood pressure, stimulates the heart and reduces headaches. It is usually used for airway clearance with a cold, and apply for diarrhea pain in the gut. Peppermint helps relieve stress, restore sleep and promotes relaxation.

Herbal tea from the plant hawthorn improves metabolism and normalizes the thyroid gland, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, soothes and improves metabolism. But he has to be very careful about the people who are suffering from kidney disease and heart problems.

Tea from the leaves of black currant advised to use for colds, diseases of the bladder and kidneys. A decoction of the fruit - with anemia and to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Black currant is rich in vitamin C in organic acids and trace elements, but it should not be consumed by people with high acidity.

Herbal currant and mint work efficiency of the liver, kidneys and regulates the metabolism. If it shoots to add some raspberries, you get a useful decoction for colds. 

Lingonberry is consumed as a diuretic and shlakovyvodyaschee agent.

Some herbalists recommend: aspen bark helps to lower blood sugar in the body and improves the blood supply to the Rowan cortex of the brain. 

Oregano is rich in vitamins C and E.

The infusion of sweet clover nourishes the body with iron and molybdenum, so it is very useful for teeth, bones, nails and ligaments. 

A good tonic: mint leaves, willow-herb, strawberry and pine buds. 

Yarrow has a calming effect on the contrary. 

The whole storehouse of nutrients can be found in the leaves of strawberries. Selenium boosts immunity, helps copper recovery processes in cells, zinc helps the body fight infections. 

If you find yourself in an allergic reaction, immediately discontinue use of herbal tea, and after his admission to rinse your mouth with water if the beverage contains acid.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Taste of the teas

taste of teaHerbal tea - it's still not as much medicine as a treat. Especially since so many plants can make a drink with exquisite, unforgettable taste. And finally, give away all diseases and problems with the well-being and talk about how to enjoy the tea. After all, it is primarily thirst-quenching drink, you can successfully treat guests, leaving them with the most pleasant memories of a visit to your wonderful home. Do not just have to happen in families where a tea include as a kind of religious rite: creating new recipes, inventing creative ways to brew, infusion - is a little bit to change the technology, it would seem, already familiar drink, and you get something new, sophisticated and unique. This is the approach in Japan and China, where the tea party - a real ritual, and tea party for invited guests - a small painted to the last detail holiday.

But we will not adopt the Eastern experience, you can admire, but it is unlikely that enough strength and perseverance to adopt and submit to the Russian soil. We have a lot of beautiful domestic drinks that can decorate eating habits, daily delight, and home, and friends. By the way, has long been noted that many die-hard fans of black tea and coffee, even after a thorough acquaintance with herbal teas in the end gave preference to the latter. Why? Mainly because of the nature of these drinks do not promise a sharp excitation of the nervous system, but do not bring frustration and dissatisfaction with some after effects of caffeine passes. After all, with the amount of alcohol consumed coffee or tea excitement passes, the mood in the recession comes down to apathy and depression. Nothing like a forest teas never happens.

Not always can meet and widely advertised carbonated drinks: compared with the tea plant are much weaker and more short quench thirst, again, some contain caffeine, its nice to look at bubbles irritate the stomach - for this reason that some people carbonated beverages generally contraindicated.

Do not always come to the rescue, and fruit juices (meaning those that are sold as a finished product) are usually high concentration and also lunch inappropriate. Tea also does not carry a lot of calories, but it is rich in trace elements, rare vitamins and other nutrients.

It is best not to miss the ripening of raw materials for brewing tea beverage and use it fresh. If you regularly go out of town or have a small garden, it is very easy to solve this problem. First you have on hand will spring plants - coltsfoot, birch leaves, nettle, primrose, elder flowers. Then arsenal replenished linden flowers, roses, calendula, chamomile, lemon balm leaves, mint, thyme and sage, and the gift will be in the autumn of vitamin King - Wild Rose. The list, of course, incomplete because the plants suitable for tea very much.

Do not forget that if you're going to drink a cup or two of tea, it is not necessary, strictly following the recipe medicinal herbal tea, take a significant amount of raw materials - just a little pinch, purely for flavor. In addition, as a basis it is possible to use a regular black or green tea. Here are some of the most beloved and pleasant beverage that can be prepared in such a combined method:

1. Tea "On three": a teapot in equal proportions take ordinary black tea, mint herb St. John's wort and the rate of 1 teaspoon per cup plus a teaspoon, pour boiling water and leave for 8-10 minutes.

2. Black Currant Tea: to normal, taken at a rate of brewing black tea to add to taste a few leaves of black currant.

3. Jasmine tea: jasmine petals and a regular black or green tea is taken in the ratio 1:4, fill with boiling water and insist a little longer than usual tea.

In addition, regular tea will be much more fragrant, if it add plants in large numbers containing essential oils: oregano, thyme, St. John's wort, thyme, lemon balm, and others.

But the true connoisseurs of herbal tea rarely "spoil" the flavor of the drink by adding the usual tea, preferring only collected in the forest, the garden, or in a meadow in the field. Championship here confidently holding strawberry. It was her one of the most respected experts in Russian in-kind roterapii DP Zuev plant called "the most fragrant of all the vitamin nature," and in one of the oldest Russian medical manual you can read these lines: "Tea berry strawberry pleasant after the manner of the morning and evening , then all mokrost wrecking of body blows, and opens the respiratory veins and strengthens the heart, and the power supplies, and cut off the stone inside, and creates a leper Velma favor. " In our case, the tea leaves from the berries or strawberries just very pleasant to taste flavored drink. It is also possible to "dilute" in the ratio of 1:1 leaves of blackberry, fireweed, raspberry, sage, black currant, lime flower, St. John's wort, thyme grass - such Devyatisil'nyi tea not only has excellent thirsting-doutolyayuschimi properties and is drunk with pleasure, even young children, but also tonic, blood-making, anti-sclerotic, improves metabolism. In fact, all of the above components can be used as a standalone drink.

For the preparation of thirst-quenching and invigorating tea, you can use more complex formulation. Of course, not easy to get all the pieces, but if you have them in the right quantities are present, you have the possibility of very long to please the home a perfect drink. Thus, for example, like this:

Melissa leaves, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, the flowers of cornflower, taken from the calculation 18:7:4:2:1, add to that the composition of a pinch of cinnamon, brewed with boiling water, let stand, cool - get a nice refreshing drink.

On the basis of plant tea can create something unusual, but useful, quenches thirst, capable to decorate the holiday table. Here, for example, that can be made of linden tea.

5-6 servings of sweet soft drink take 4 cups chilled lime tea, add sliced ​​into pieces with orange peel, sugar (4 tablespoons), insist 2-3 hours (may be longer) and just before serving, add in the strained infusion 2 cups dry white wine.

In general, to get tea for pleasure, you should pay special attention to the leaves of wild strawberry, lemon balm (not coincidentally because of its flavor is actively used in the confectionery industry), mint, raspberry, blackberry, lime flowers, kenaf, St. John's wort, elder, dog rose. To give the drink a unique exquisite flavor, you can add a little color primrose. Significantly, that mix all these components can be in any combination, you can never go wrong, on the contrary, experimenting to find something of their own.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catch a Cold? Fixable!

tea for cold
Perhaps most teas are used for the prevention and treatment of colds. In fact, the range of these diseases is extremely wide: from basic cold to pneumonia, and tonsillitis. And zagotavlivaya summer plants for the winter, we first of all try not to forget the lime-colored, oregano, thyme, camomile, mallow and others who can help us with a cold.

As you can see, our fields, meadows and forests have a lot of money, "specializing" on this every now and then there is a problem of our being. And yet, each of them has its own characteristics that make it possible to choose a tool that we most need. That's why the story of the representatives of this group of plants we build on a simple principle - we will give a brief description of therapeutic properties, and then select each one individually, you need to have at home. After all, someone is prone to bronchitis, and in the winter they deliver to him a lot of trouble, and someone has a weak throat, and kept reminding myself sore throat and laryngitis. There are also some plants that are recommended for almost every family, as they allow fully prepared to meet the epidemic of influenza or just keep warm, promerznuv in the fierce cold of winter.

Tea for colds

Tea made ​​from elderberry
Usually in the same areas as the lime, and other plant growing, which is a good addition to it. We are talking about the black elderberry. This is a fairly common shrub that can sometimes take even a small tree. By an amazing, with nothing comparable smell it very easy to find at the time of flowering in May and June. In ancient times it was believed that it was close to home to home elder gods, so today on a rural farmstead can find this plant.

Despite the fact that the berries have medicinal value and flowers, tea often take only the latter. They contain glycoside mucous substances, rutin, ascorbic, malic acid, valeric acid and other essential oils.

Elderberries - excellent diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and disinfectant. In principle it is possible to brew herbal tea from the flowers of elderberry only when you have a chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by a dry cough and fever. This drink is also useful as an additional tool in treatment of angina, rheumatism, flu, gout. But a more effective use of a mixture of elderflower and lime. Drink this tea should be hot as possible, trying to drink 2-3 cups at once, which are sure to cause excessive sweating. You can sweeten this already enjoyable drink a teaspoon of honey. With the lime color and good brew chamomile to Boost disinfectant properties of this tea.

Tea for immunity 
When the first symptoms of colds and flu - runny nose, excessive tearing, coughing - you need to try as soon as possible to prepare the body to fight infection and increase its immunity. Unfortunately, we often resort to means of herbal medicine is when the disease has taken root in our body, and we are trying to reduce the symptoms of late disease. At the same time actively enough to drink medicinal teas order to minimize the negative impact of the outbreak of the disease, pre-dupredit possible complications. For example, one of the recipes: linden flowers, mullein, rose hips, and thyme (aerial part) taken in equal proportions, insist and drink as tea. Raspberry tea

Raspberry tea Other Than anti-inflammatory and tonic properties has raspberry leaf tea. Collect their need when they barely appeared on the bush and have pale green. To collect, you can add berries or raspberry jam, which will strengthen the anti-fever effect. This tea is especially likely to appeal to children.

Teas cough 
Is often accompanied by a cough, cold, which requires special treatment. Not to mention those people who suffer from chronic broncho-pulmonary disease - costing them quite a bit simple, as the underlying disease progresses. Often, even cured with antibiotics inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane, it is necessary for a long time to use medicinal herbal teas for complete recovery.

Tea and bath thyme 
Start with a completely harmless cough that occurs in any person, who had no previous problems with the upper respiratory tract. Excellent antitussive properties has, for example, thyme. Known to many housewives as a condiment, it has long established itself and as an expectorant and slizeotdelitelnogo. Even when the disease is recognized by official medicine whooping cough antitussive and antispasmodic effect of thyme. It is sometimes called savory.

Even the ancient Greeks drew their attention to it, with good reason: its volatile thyme essential oil has many medicinal properties. It is especially useful in bronchitis, whooping cough, pneumonia, as has antispasmodic and antitussive effect. The infusion is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiled water, one o'clock under the cover and filter. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day. The same infusion is used to rinse the mouth and throat with a cold and gingivitis. No wonder that this plant is used for the manufacture of pharmaceutical plants familiar to every drug under the name "Pertussin." Medicinal bath with thyme, adopted in the early stages of colds, will help mitigate the 
disease or even turn the disease around.

Medicinal bath with thyme, adopted in the early stages of colds, will help mitigate the disease or even turn the disease around.

For this you need two cups of dried herbs to brew two liters of boiling water and infuse 10 minutes in a sealed container. Then strain and pour into the tub. After receiving such a bath is to get into bed and hide well (do not use the shower - the body must be covered with a film of essential plant oils). Thyme is a stimulant, so do not take a bath just before going to sleep: you will be hard to sleep. 

Moreover, thyme - good antiseptic, disinfectant and germicide, often without conceding antibiotics to destroy harmful bacteria and pathogenic fungi.

Tea from the mother and stepmother, 
Thyme does not yield one of the first spring plants - the mother and stepmother. Present in the set of her bitter and gums is the best suited for the treatment of cough: the addition of tea leaves and flowers of fees facilitates expectoration, enveloping his throat and bronchial tubes. In pure form, mother-and-stepmother is not used, not only because of excessive bitterness, but also due to the fact that the concentration of substances in the plant is very large, and therefore it is desirable to prevent overdose. This tea is especially good at the beginning of cough.

Tea made ​​from mulleinIf the cough has developed and delivers a lot of trouble, you should add a medicinal tea mullein. It is also one of the very common in many regions of the Russian plants in appearance, thanks to its large yellow flowers, very reminiscent of the torch. In Mullen many valuable substances help reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes. In particular, the saponins facilitating sputum. Thus, with the help of a cough mullein is a complex effect.

Tea fees, which include mullein, exacerbating the impact of the elimination of the ongoing cough.Here is the recipe of one of them: the flowers of mullein, thyme, anise, primrose root, licorice root, taken in the ratio 2:3:2:2:1. Instead, the two roots can be included in the collection of tea leaves of eucalyptus and mother and stepmother, chamomile flowers (or 1:3:1 parts).

Herbal teas

when you cough (not dry) is very important to quickly take the means to facilitate the dilution and removal of phlegm, used for this purpose an arsenal of herbs: coltsfoot, plantain, rosemary, thyme already mentioned, nard, oregano, tricolor violet . Each of the plants can be used individually, but you can be taken from the fees in equal proportions of herbs: 4-5 teaspoons a normal teapot and infuse for half an hour. Infusion to drink 3 times a day for half a cup, and not a medicinal tea to cool down and do not lose their properties, it is best placed in a thermos. The procedure must be repeated brewing every morning - more than a day you can not store tea.

With long-term, especially at night harassing cough good next drink. Take equal parts marshmallow root, licorice root, sage leaves, pine buds, anise fruit. All mix well. 1 tablespoon of the mixture brew cup of boiling water for 20 minutes, drain. Drink a quarter cup every three hours. If you drink at night, then you can add honey. Those who are already forced to use synthetic drugs you need without waiting for the end of the treatment, to start reception of St. John's wort. It is in itself contains a natural antibiotic imanin having a wide antimicrobial activity. In addition, it is best used with its plantain and absorbable inflammatory properties.

Another very effective drink requires a complex preparation. First, pour 2 cups of boiling water licorice root (1 tablespoon) and simmer for 8-10 minutes, then add a teaspoon of pine buds and continue boiling for 2 minutes. And in the end is still to fill 2 tablespoons of mother and stepmother, a teaspoon of rosemary and chamomile, 2 teaspoons of peppermint. Before drinking, it is useful to breathe steam produced beverage - such inhalation has a striking therapeutic effect. If the hand is not pine buds, they may be replaced eucalyptus leaves.

Teas with sore throat,
Colds Another related problem is the laryngitis, which in addition to signs of coughing is a deepening of the voice and hoarseness. Since the disease can be very effectively deal with the tea from the flowers of mallow, which immediately soothes the throat, removes the effects of overvoltage vocal cords. By the way, this tea is regularly drink at all for people whose work is connected with the need to talk a lot or sing, singers, teachers, and others.

Tea to reduce the temperature,
and finally the last. If a patient with a cold fever, which is usually accompanied by severe thirst quencher then its best to use the rose hip tea with honey, nettle tea with honey and lemon.