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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cancer - and green tea!

Apparently it took the self-test of a Heidelberg University professor who cured himself with green tea to help the importance of highly effective natural substances contained in the fight against cancer and other diseases breakthrough.

With green tea fit again

In the issue dated 5 October 2007 reported the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung put up in big letters "Thanks green tea re-fit as a fiddle." The particular sensitivity of this article is that this statement did not come from anyone, but by the former director of the medical clinic of Heidelberg, Prof. Werner Hunstein. The retired physician and scientist healed with the help of green tea from a life-threatening leukemia-like amyloidosis disease after chemotherapy had previously been performed unsuccessfully.

Alternatives are not accepted

In the cellular medicine is the meaning of green tea extract, especially the contained polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), known for years. Yet Dr. Rath and our Health Alliance have been attacked as pioneers of this literally vital knowledge for its spread onto massive.

Now obviously need to rethink the representative of a pharma-based medicine and recognize the effectiveness of science-based natural therapies in the fight against cancer and other diseases. The international media coverage of this case, to the prestigious Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, also shows that apparently a global rethinking has begun.

Professor of Medicine cancer-like disease successfully treated with green tea

The 79-year-old Hunstein suffered since 2001 under a "systemic amyloidosis". In this leukemia-like disease, the function of existing blood cells is impaired, multiply uncontrollably, leading to protein deposits in the body tissue. This in turn leads to dysfunction of organs to the failure of the heart, kidneys and other organs. In his desperation, Hunstein had to rely on the earlier self-propagated by him chemotherapy. The result was devastating. His heart was weak and he could barely climb stairs. In addition, deposits were formed on the tongue and in the area of ​​the larynx, so that he almost could not speak.

Altered Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy himself described Hunstein now publicly and openly as a "trip to hell". He would never this procedure - which he earlier had recommended itself for thousands of patients, repeat.
"During this time I was a wreck and I have been waiting for death"

He describes what he went through during chemotherapy. 2006, the chemotherapy was then completed without success.

On the recommendation of former employees towards Hunstein started daily two liters of green tea to drink. In response, the cardiac function improved and demonstrated the pathological protein deposits regressed again. Professor Hunstein regained new vigor and feel again today "like a fish in water." And the malice of his colleagues because of the unusual green tea treatment is ceased.

The Cellular Medicine research is already one step ahead

8 March 2002, the scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute had the results of their investigations on Green tea polyphenols (especially EGCG) a whole page in the USA TODAY - the largest newspaper in the world - published. A key message was that extracts of green tea along with other micronutrients are able to inhibit even the spread of cancer cells.

No patents on natural substances

Professor Hunstein had already used this knowledge then, immediately after the disease had been diagnosed in him would have spared him much suffering - even the "chemo-trip to hell." That the knowledge of the health significance of green tea and other micronutrients spread only slowly, it is no coincidence: These natural substances are not patentable and therefore threaten a comprehensive hundreds of billions of euros market with patented chemotherapy drugs as an important basis for business in the pharmaceutical industry.

Campaigns to prevent the disclosure?

The Dr. Rath Health Alliance was one of the first organizations in the world that has this intolerable abuses denounced. Also in connection with the exploration of green tea our alliance vehement attacks by the pharmaceutical lobby in medicine and the media was exposed to organized campaigns of lies, as in the case of small Dominik. The "Hunstein case" shows that this edifice of lies begins to collapse.

Developing alternative research far

And cellular medicine is already one step ahead. The latest research shows that green tea (EGCG), in combination with certain micro-nutrients in a position to block the spread of more than 30 human cancer cell types. The question is how long millions of cancer patients have to wait to use these research results in the fight against their disease, now depends largely on the individual.