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Thursday, July 4, 2013

More about the benefits of herbal tea

befeits of herbal tea
In black currants contain citric acid, succinic acid, vitamin C, iron and other essential minerals. This berry helps with tonsillitis, gastritis and improve vision. And the berries are not only useful, but also shoots and young leaves.

Tea from the leaves of currants and mint regulates metabolism, improves liver and kidney. For colds in this tea is good to add four or five sprigs of raspberries.

To prepare for the winter currant juice and keep its healing properties, it is necessary to miss berries through a meat grinder, to shift into an enamel pan (per kilogram of berries to add two-thirds cup of water). Then put on the fire, heat well, but do not boil. In this state, hold for 15-20 minutes. Then need to press the berries, juice, which remained, bring to a boil and immediately pour into sterilized jars. After a closed jar lids, flip them.