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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kombucha for weight loss

Short-term diets, particularly with a uniform set of products have a negative effect on the body.

We must adhere to the following recommendations for the normalization of metabolism and weight reduction in the rate:

-The food should be uniform, fresh, with lots of plant foods. Plant foods (salads, salad, greens, etc.) to take 8-10 minutes before a carbohydrate or protein. Do not mix protein with carbohydrate foods.

-Avoid fried foods, fatty broth, fresh milk, artificial and refined foods (smoked meats, sausages, pastries, cookies, white bread, sugar and salt, consume in moderation, and 30-40, respectively, to 3 g per day.)

-Volume food intake should be less, and the movement (flow Kolor) more. Periodically, clean the intestines, liver, kidneys, and observe the fasting days. , Drink opportunities just melted (structured) water.

This power system is not necessary to adhere to a week or a month, and the life. In this case, a proper diet should be combined with the appropriate age and state of health of physical activity. Just as the body's metabolism gradually returns to normal, and the weight will fall.

As for the tea fungus, doctors of traditional medicine advise against all the above measures take 1 glass 6-day infusion of Kombucha for an hour before a meal and 1 cup of infusion 2 hours after a meal. Total, 6 cups of tea fungus present on the day in total.

The course is 3 months (every month to do a week-long break).

To be most effective you can drink some herbal teas and fees for weight loss, mixing them with a nine-infusion tea fungus.