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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The most important thing about black tea and health

Many people believe in the power of tea - in many oriental countries is tea as a remedy used. But not only the East but also Europe swears by the healing and preventive effect of tea.

In particular, the "Black Tea" is classified as a healing tea. Here is dried leaves of Camellia sinensis tea plant, which can grow up to 15 meters high. To be precise, these are a tea plant that is often grown in China, Sri Lanka, India and also in Indonesia and exported from there to the world. Black tea is commonly used in the community as a coffee substitute, as alleged many people that this tea because of its ingredient theine (similar to caffeine) to have a stimulant effect. The difference with coffee is that the caffeine-like ingredient theine is absorbed more slowly by the body, but you should take black tea in moderation. scientists have now found that black tea is also healthy. Besides theine or caffeine of black tea also contains theobromine and theophylline. These substances are used in medicine. Depending on how long the pull black tea leaves before you enjoy this, it also sets the appropriate ingredients and thus the health benefits free. You can only pull black tea 2 minutes, you can likely benefit from the stimulating effect. When 10 minutes is given to free the tannins that ensure that the tea is rather inedible.

The corresponding tannin antibacterial and analgesic, for this reason, this also alleviate a diarrhea disease. With regular consumption can black tea also wonderful as a stress medication use. Stress is now the No. 1 killer health, so that one is grateful for ideas that do not involve drugs. Black tea lowers blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol - for this reason, one can obtain a wide variety of health points at a relevant dose of tea. About four cups of black tea a day is sufficient to counteract the stress factor. It should be the tea, keep it enjoyable and let stand a few minutes. Case of diarrhea , however, one attains the healing effect only when the draw 10 minutes tea leaves (so the tannins are cowardly sets), here one must however remember that the tea gets a rather unpalatable taste due to the tannin. Like Green tea also acts Black Tea by the active ingredients, polyphenols and fluorides present in the composition, resistant to caries. The teeth can thus be protected by the consumption of black tea.

Should also Black tea anti-carcinogenic effect, resulting in a study at the Center for Human Nutrition, found out. This was demonstrated that black tea inhibits cell growth in tumors, even slightly more than that of green tea. Prostate cancer should be significantly reduced if you take black tea.

However, bear in mind is conclusive that the black tea - handled as so often like - should not mix with milk if you do not want to miss the health benefits, even if intended to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation by the addition of milk. because the opinions that milk in black tea is healthy or not now go far apart. Thus, many scientists argue that the health-promoting substances were reduced when milk is added. Other people see this again no problem for the healing effects of black tea.