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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teapot - circular one is perfect

Perfect teapot for brewing tea need to be circular. In a kettle lid should be a hole like here:

If there not a lid, brewing tea will suffocate itself, lose its flavor and the taste of it will be "empty." Teapot lid should be tight and well fitted. Inner edges caps should remind cylinder of which should go pretty deep into the kettle. Otherwise, if the mood strainer, lid is easy to fall off, and you beat your favorite cup.

Spout teapot should be high enough. It must conform to the body teapot at an angle of 30-35 degrees. If these conditions are violated, use the strainer so things will torment - the water from the spout will whip with terrible force, spilling over the edge.

Okay, if the ending is quite thin spout teapot (tea poured a thin stream) and in the place where the spout connects to the the body of the teapot is not a solid opening, but a unique grid. These two features are well protected against ingress of tea leaves in a cup. Notice the handle which is taken teapot. It is most commonly located on the side and has a shape of the letter "s." teapot is better not to wash, just rinse with water.