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Friday, August 30, 2013

Lavender oil compared to Lavender Tea

Lavender oil and lavender tea: A comparison of the effect of the much more intense and complex lavender oil with the effect of milder lavender flower teas.

Lavender essential oil versus lavender tea

Owns the oil contained in lavender tea a same effect as the distilled essential oil of lavender oil ? This question is generally answered with a no. First is to say that for a tea infusion with flowers of Lavandula angustifolia should be used. Species such as lavender butterfly lavender, spike lavender and lavender wool suitable for their mucous membrane irritant effect hardly for internal use. Although it is the same starting materials, the lavender oil contained by the infusion in tea is not to be compared with the mode of action of lavender oil, which you can buy in bottles. The oil is best gained by cold distillation has a much wider range of active ingredients and a much more intense effect than those derived from the tea infusion. Characterized that the tea composition from its active ingredient is substantially softer than the oil that it permits an internal application. The essential oils obtained by the distillation are included in a considerably lower range and broader in lavender oil. In direct comparison, so there are significant differences.

Quality of oil and tea

In the lavender, which is used for the tea, there are also significant differences related to the quality, depending on the growing region, the weather and the soil composition. The lavender preferably calcareous soils. The lavender plant has been exposed to a necessary bracing climate, in which the active ingredients contained unfold particularly well? Is it a wild growth, a biological cultivation, or came pesticides / insecticides used and when was the time of harvest?

Consistent and good quality of the starting material is crucial to providing a health effect in both the application and Lavendeltees of lavender oil. The active ingredient content varies from as low to low, depending on quality.

Lavender oil in Lavender flower teas

To better illustrate the following approximate comparison of a very good oil and a very good tea can:

1.5 drops of lavender oil included - If you brew a cup of lavender tea with Lavandula angustifolia (lavender Real), recommended 2 tsp allow to 0.5 liters of water greater than 80 ° C for 3.5 minutes, then about 1 micron. It is to be noted however that some active ingredients in tea of ​​the essential oil are absent or very low. It is noteworthy that especially certain irritating ingredients are reduced, so the tea is generally quite easy to digest and can exert its positive effect is good. Moreover, it is lavender tea in a different combination of active ingredients as lavender oil, which plays a particularly important role.

Advantages of tea to the oil

So basically you should not judge that the lavender oil or lavender tea are better or worse. They offer due to their different composition rather different application areas. The lavender oil is much more versatile and generally equipped with a stronger effect. For the following specific purposes of lavender tea is superior / especially suitable:
  • Slight inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Fears and anxiety
  • Jetlag

Application in inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases

Because of its special composition mild and I've had good experiences with the lavender tea (Common Lavender) with very slight inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases. However, I emphasize this explicitly, that the tea should be avoided if possible because of the lavender essential oil contained in stronger to severe inflammatory diseases. Are strongly attracted to the mucous membranes, the lavender tea is counterproductive and exerts an irritating effect. In mild inflammation and irritation on the other hand, it can help with healing a lot. Please contact an application from your doctor or medical practitioner. My experience is that you can very quickly feel after ingestion, if the tea is helpful, or even harmful. I would not recommend for daily use as a cup of lavender tea. Preferably in the evening after dinner, with very slight problems between meals as possible and never sober.

Use in anxiety and restlessness

The tea has a very calming effect on our experience anxiety and restlessness. It is then advisable to take a maximum of two cups of lavender tea to yourself, preferably in the evening. This can be carried out over a longer period.

Application and jet lag

A second special application for the lavender tea lies in the better management of jet lag and the associated difficulty falling asleep. We recommend that as soon as possible after arrival at the destination take a cup of lavender tea. Imagine also, a prepared vial containing the appropriate amount is kept in the luggage so that it is ready upon arrival. The lavender tea works just as good cold as warm and holds its effect is not too high room temperature in a sealed bottle about 1-2 days.