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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tea Etiquette

Rules of etiquette for a tea party plainness and meet the principle of expediency, which is guided by etiquette at all.
Most important rule - tea should be drunk slowly, especially not in one gulp, burning and puffing. But do not procrastinate too.
Pieces of sugar taken from the sugar tongs and put in a cup, trying not to spill a drink. They should not be with the power to crush the glass or cup - you need to wait until they dissolve themselves. Sugar take a spoon attached to the sugar bowl. Stir the sugar, a spoonful necessarily taken out of the cup, put on a plate, and took the cup with his right hand, drinking tea in small sips.
If you are located some distance away from the table, such as a chair, it is necessary to hold the saucer in his left hand. After drinking the tea, you need to put a cup on a saucer.
Should not lick the spoon or scrape it remained on the bottom of the sugar. If you want to add to any drink tea, you first pour it into a spoon, much of it in the cup. Slices of lemon take special fork and spoon in a cup and then squeeze juice out of it. Peel placed on the edge of the saucer. Remaining after tea lemon finish that should not be.
If by Tea is served, then take the left hand socket on the right - a dessert spoon and gently shift the jam into the outlet.
Cakes and pies usually eat a special fork or a teaspoon, but the solid cake can be eaten without them . If the cakes are on a platter on small paper towels, put them on your plate with this napkin and eat directly from it. Sliced ​​or custom-made dough take a common dish and eaten by hand without using a fork and spoon.

Please think of how many people to invite. This should take into account not only the purpose of your invitations, but also the size of your apartment.

Whom to invite - is also important question. Well, if the guests are familiar with each other, it will help to ensure that they quickly feel easy and natural.

To tea-table conversation is not related only to domestic problems, think of interesting topics for discussion.

Your apartment has a purity to shine, and some festive element (such as flowers or candles) gently tell your guests as they waited and happy to see. If the Tea Party takes place in the winter or fall, the curtains better push and lighted candles or lamps on the walls will make an additional sense of warmth and comfort to your home. If the window is warm summer or spring day, the light scent of flowering plants, green branch of a tree, or a ray of sunshine will bring a sense of cheerfulness and comfort.

Your clothes at a dinner tea party should be neither casual nor too dressy. And a bar - an unusual costume jewelery, interesting color of lipstick and so on - only accentuate the elegant simplicity of your outfit.

Is unacceptable to set the table in front of the guests - all prepared in advance, except for the tea (tea leaves).

Entire process of tea should be held in front of the guests: the mistress sitting at the samovar or teapots, tea brews, gives him a present, and then placing the cup all the guests around him, pouring tea. The cups must be passed from hand to hand lady guest.

Inadmissible to get guests with a kettle of boiling water.