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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to made lavender tea? Do lavender tea itself

The true lavender is not only an extremely popular garden plant because the subtle and well-scented lavender flowers a little Mediterranean flair holiday magic in the garden, but also a popular bedding plant in combination with roses.

But the lavender is not only visually attractive, but its curative effect is widely known for a long time. Act as bags filled with lavender calming, antispasmodic and relaxing, in addition, it is designed to relieve cough and healing effect against influenza, asthma and whooping cough.

Even those who suffer from sleep problems, is well served with lavender because it contributes to a peaceful and deep sleep at night. migraine pain , headache and dizziness should be treated equally successful lavender, which makes the subshrub a versatile medicinal plant.

Lavender tea recipe and preparation

If you want to relieve the symptoms already described, it may be helpful to a home-cooked lavender tea. Lavender tea is made in no time itself, assuming you have some fresh or dried lavender flowers for the Lavendelbl├╝tentee at hand.

Take one to two handfuls of lavender flowers and pour it with a cup of boiled water on. Then be drawn about 10 minutes the lavender tea and then strain the flowers. Now you can enjoy the lavender tea as a healing drink!

Effect of lavender tea

The lavender tea is relaxing, soothing and antiseptic. However, you should not overdose the lavender tea, otherwise the stomach or intestines may become irritated.

Did you know?

It is rumored that one prophetic dreams could have if you massaged before sleep forehead and temples with grated and crushed lavender flowers.

Similarly, the lavender has at times of plague served us well, as robbers and thieves with a so-called Three Robbers vinegar and four robbers vinegar einschmierten, which consisted of a juniper lavender, rosemary, angelica, and a fourth encore. This could prejudice the robbers break into houses where people had died of the plague - and they should have stayed healthy !