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Friday, August 23, 2013

Herbal fruit tea

The aromatic blend not only tastes great, but also iced in summer.

50 g of dried apple pieces (dried apples) , 40 g of dried rose hips , 30 g of blackberry , 15 g fennel seeds , 10 g of dried orange peel , 5 g of juniper berries , Honey to sweeten

Step 1
The dried apple pieces and the rose hips cut very small. Mix with the blackberry leaves, fennel seeds, dried orange peel and juniper berries and place in an airtight tin.

Step 2
Provide for the preparation of 1 liter of herbal tea 15 g (about 5 tablespoons) herbal fruit mixture in a tea bag or a tea strainer. Boil 1 liter of water and pour over the tea mixture bubbly. Cover and cook 10 minutes can be drawn.

Step 3
Accept, express and sweet tea with honey to taste the herbs fruit mixture from the water.