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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Karkadeh tea

In Egypt Karkedeh is a standard drink. In the dry heat of the country of drunk hot tea is a popular thirst quencher.

15 g (approx. 4 heaped tablespoons) dried hibiscus flowers (red mallow, mallow, from the health food store)
1 liter of soft water or still water
6-8 tsp sugar or hibiscus syrup

Step 1
Fill the hibiscus flowers in a pot. Boil the water, leave in about 4 min to cool to about 80 ° and pour over the hibiscus flowers. Cover and cook 10 minutes can be drawn.

Step 2
Karkadeh pour the tea through a strainer into glasses of tea, sweeten with sugar or hibiscus syrup to taste.