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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raspberry Tea

Some tea manufacturers offer their fruit segment also raspberry tea. There are two different groups. Frequently, in fact, strictly speaking, to the raspberry leaf tea. Especially among midwives acted as a true miracle cure raspberry leaf tea. At the beginning of pregnancy, he should be able to alleviate nausea, towards the end, however, he is praised as labor conveyor, which can help birth the beginning of a bit on the jumps.

However, there are actual fruit , but this never consists solely of raspberries. On the contrary, raspberry fruits are quite expensive, so only raspberry flavor is mostly used even the fruits are used mostly apples, hibiscus and rose hip, partially refined with blackberry leaves.


As with all fruit teas, the health benefit is also in this case very clearly in the variety and quantity of the vitamins contained. Even the tea of ​​raspberry leaves can be counted among the vitamin bombs. It also contains large concentrations of calcium and iron. It owes its effect krampflockernde the high content of magnesium. Therefore, raspberry leaf tea is often also used as a traditional remedy for menstrual complaints.

Growing areas

Originally Raspberry especially in Europe grows. The further south, however, is the less frequent are wild plants. Meanwhile, there are also some breeding stocks of raspberries in North America, New Zealand and even Greenland.


Raspberries are quite complicated fruit. They grow on thorny bushes, although there are now harvesting machines, but the ripe fruit must be handled carefully, even as the proverbial raw egg. Raspberries are not very long shelf life and should not be pressed under any circumstances.

All these factors contribute to the fact that raspberries are among the more expensive fruits. Hardly a fruit producer is willing to pay that high price for a few dried raspberry pieces in his tea. It can be much cheaper to produce it if he uses the right aroma of dried fruit instead.


With raspberry tea you absolutely must look twice, because it does make a considerable difference whether one is the tea of ​​raspberry leaves, or against actually drinking fruit tea. However, one should not expect dried raspberries in his teapot you look at it. Especially in the relatively cheap tea bags, one must assume that one only takes this to be the flavor of raspberries. But even with loose Himbeertees the actual proportion of the named fruit is limited.

Nevertheless, raspberry tea is a fruity tea experience with velvety aftertaste and a gorgeous shade of red in the cup.