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Monday, June 17, 2013

What is needed for proper brewing tea?

cup of tea
Proper preparation:
  1. Before you pour the tea into a teapot, it should be warm by pouring into it a little hot water. Wait 1-2 minutes and pour out the water. Now go to sleep tea.
  2. Brew only the necessary amount - an average rate of 1 tsp. 1 cup of tea.
  3. Brew tea, not tea leaves, which then add water! This is the most common mistake made in our country. Pour the water as long as necessary to fill the cups. Not any more!
  4. Each type of tea brewing his term. Black tea should stand at least 5 minutes before it razolyut into the cup. White is brewed no longer than 3 minutes. Green tea - a half minutes.
  5. Do not let the tea cool teapot. If you do not have time to drink it all, then just pour the excess water from the kettle. If the tea leaves are left in the water - after 10 minutes of them stand out a substance that will make it a tart and bitter tea is no longer suitable for use.
Proper water:
  1. Water should be clean and fresh. If it is possible - use spring water.
  2. Hardly a boiling, rather, almost a boiling water is poured into the kettle. If you leave the water to boil for a minute - it is "dead" and is not suitable for a proper tea. When it comes to brewing black tea.For red and white tea water should be heated to a temperature of 85-90 degrees for green 80. If the water is chlorinated - which is very difficult to avoid in modern life - that it should still boil for 2-3 minutes and then allow to cool to the desired temperature.
The correct utensils. Depending on the situation, utensils for tea (and drinking) can be very diverse. But the main thing - it must be a closed teapot. It is better if it is a clay or ceramic. Glass - probably not for everybody. Many believe that a glass tea does not disclose its flavor - each chooses. complete the story of the tea, it is logical to talk about tea etiquette. Although, in fact, it's impossible. On the Internet there are many articles on the English tea etiquette, Russian tea etiquette, tea ceremony, etc. And they are all fundamentally different from one another. Read them carefully, you will notice that it is rather informative historical reference, not the rule. The only rule of etiquette - a proper understanding of tea. It is part of nature, which slumbers in small pieces of paper and you awaken. And when you inhale its aroma - you inhale the scent of nature. Tea is alone watching a vintage movie, sitting in a comfortable chair at home when the snow falls outside the window, and you can invite someone for a cup of tea - and then the main dessert for him would be an interesting conversation, drinking tea during a family with huge noisy feasts cakes and pastries, tea bring a favorite in the morning. And for every case can not be made ​​etiquette. It is - in your sincere respect ... and love for a good cup of tea!