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Monday, June 24, 2013

Taste of the teas

taste of teaHerbal tea - it's still not as much medicine as a treat. Especially since so many plants can make a drink with exquisite, unforgettable taste. And finally, give away all diseases and problems with the well-being and talk about how to enjoy the tea. After all, it is primarily thirst-quenching drink, you can successfully treat guests, leaving them with the most pleasant memories of a visit to your wonderful home. Do not just have to happen in families where a tea include as a kind of religious rite: creating new recipes, inventing creative ways to brew, infusion - is a little bit to change the technology, it would seem, already familiar drink, and you get something new, sophisticated and unique. This is the approach in Japan and China, where the tea party - a real ritual, and tea party for invited guests - a small painted to the last detail holiday.

But we will not adopt the Eastern experience, you can admire, but it is unlikely that enough strength and perseverance to adopt and submit to the Russian soil. We have a lot of beautiful domestic drinks that can decorate eating habits, daily delight, and home, and friends. By the way, has long been noted that many die-hard fans of black tea and coffee, even after a thorough acquaintance with herbal teas in the end gave preference to the latter. Why? Mainly because of the nature of these drinks do not promise a sharp excitation of the nervous system, but do not bring frustration and dissatisfaction with some after effects of caffeine passes. After all, with the amount of alcohol consumed coffee or tea excitement passes, the mood in the recession comes down to apathy and depression. Nothing like a forest teas never happens.

Not always can meet and widely advertised carbonated drinks: compared with the tea plant are much weaker and more short quench thirst, again, some contain caffeine, its nice to look at bubbles irritate the stomach - for this reason that some people carbonated beverages generally contraindicated.

Do not always come to the rescue, and fruit juices (meaning those that are sold as a finished product) are usually high concentration and also lunch inappropriate. Tea also does not carry a lot of calories, but it is rich in trace elements, rare vitamins and other nutrients.

It is best not to miss the ripening of raw materials for brewing tea beverage and use it fresh. If you regularly go out of town or have a small garden, it is very easy to solve this problem. First you have on hand will spring plants - coltsfoot, birch leaves, nettle, primrose, elder flowers. Then arsenal replenished linden flowers, roses, calendula, chamomile, lemon balm leaves, mint, thyme and sage, and the gift will be in the autumn of vitamin King - Wild Rose. The list, of course, incomplete because the plants suitable for tea very much.

Do not forget that if you're going to drink a cup or two of tea, it is not necessary, strictly following the recipe medicinal herbal tea, take a significant amount of raw materials - just a little pinch, purely for flavor. In addition, as a basis it is possible to use a regular black or green tea. Here are some of the most beloved and pleasant beverage that can be prepared in such a combined method:

1. Tea "On three": a teapot in equal proportions take ordinary black tea, mint herb St. John's wort and the rate of 1 teaspoon per cup plus a teaspoon, pour boiling water and leave for 8-10 minutes.

2. Black Currant Tea: to normal, taken at a rate of brewing black tea to add to taste a few leaves of black currant.

3. Jasmine tea: jasmine petals and a regular black or green tea is taken in the ratio 1:4, fill with boiling water and insist a little longer than usual tea.

In addition, regular tea will be much more fragrant, if it add plants in large numbers containing essential oils: oregano, thyme, St. John's wort, thyme, lemon balm, and others.

But the true connoisseurs of herbal tea rarely "spoil" the flavor of the drink by adding the usual tea, preferring only collected in the forest, the garden, or in a meadow in the field. Championship here confidently holding strawberry. It was her one of the most respected experts in Russian in-kind roterapii DP Zuev plant called "the most fragrant of all the vitamin nature," and in one of the oldest Russian medical manual you can read these lines: "Tea berry strawberry pleasant after the manner of the morning and evening , then all mokrost wrecking of body blows, and opens the respiratory veins and strengthens the heart, and the power supplies, and cut off the stone inside, and creates a leper Velma favor. " In our case, the tea leaves from the berries or strawberries just very pleasant to taste flavored drink. It is also possible to "dilute" in the ratio of 1:1 leaves of blackberry, fireweed, raspberry, sage, black currant, lime flower, St. John's wort, thyme grass - such Devyatisil'nyi tea not only has excellent thirsting-doutolyayuschimi properties and is drunk with pleasure, even young children, but also tonic, blood-making, anti-sclerotic, improves metabolism. In fact, all of the above components can be used as a standalone drink.

For the preparation of thirst-quenching and invigorating tea, you can use more complex formulation. Of course, not easy to get all the pieces, but if you have them in the right quantities are present, you have the possibility of very long to please the home a perfect drink. Thus, for example, like this:

Melissa leaves, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, the flowers of cornflower, taken from the calculation 18:7:4:2:1, add to that the composition of a pinch of cinnamon, brewed with boiling water, let stand, cool - get a nice refreshing drink.

On the basis of plant tea can create something unusual, but useful, quenches thirst, capable to decorate the holiday table. Here, for example, that can be made of linden tea.

5-6 servings of sweet soft drink take 4 cups chilled lime tea, add sliced ​​into pieces with orange peel, sugar (4 tablespoons), insist 2-3 hours (may be longer) and just before serving, add in the strained infusion 2 cups dry white wine.

In general, to get tea for pleasure, you should pay special attention to the leaves of wild strawberry, lemon balm (not coincidentally because of its flavor is actively used in the confectionery industry), mint, raspberry, blackberry, lime flowers, kenaf, St. John's wort, elder, dog rose. To give the drink a unique exquisite flavor, you can add a little color primrose. Significantly, that mix all these components can be in any combination, you can never go wrong, on the contrary, experimenting to find something of their own.