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Monday, June 17, 2013

Green tea extract is a healthy and youthful

green tea extract
According to statistical surveys of the population, now green tea is one of the most favorite beverage of many people. Undoubtedly, the main role in this propaganda plays taste preferences of the tea beverage is most beneficial to health. Today is widely used green tea extract. Favorable reviews of people who use the extract in all sorts of industries, including medicine and cosmetology, fully justify its high cost.
This green tea extract obtained by means of special presses used to squeeze the juice from the leaf tea. From the resulting natural juice very carefully evaporated available there natural moisture. It is natural that the technology of preparation of green tea extract is considered to be quite expensive and very costly. It turns out that hundredweight of tea leaves can get about half a kilogram of dry extract useful drink. In most cases, the extract is discharged into a water soluble powder or tablets dietary supplements. This technology is sometimes defined simply exorbitant cost of some dietary supplements offered by numerous distributors.
Despite the high cost of the extract produced from green tea, it is surprisingly rich in mineral composition of ingredients. It contains antioxidants, of which there is vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E, which is considered the fountain of youth and beauty, it is extremely valuable B vitamins , vitamin K, P, PP. This wonderful extract contains phenolic acids, alkaloids, caffeine, tannin complex, the most valuable essential oil.
With such a rich part of the considered green tea extract, it is widely used in the media, designed to increase the stability of the blood vessels. It is certainly part of the funds that can help reduce tiredness. This extract is added to cosmetic products, prevents skin aging. In this case, to help achieve the desired result tannins are present in the extract of green tea, which most effectively act on the walls of blood capillaries.
It should be noted that the extract prepared on the basis of green tea have long been used in the health and beauty industry. Amazing properties of this natural product is primarily aimed at preserving and maintaining youthful skin. Its unique antioxidant, stabilizing, deodorizing properties have always attracted developers cosmetics. Thanks to its excellent properties cosmetic products developed on the basis of an extract of green tea, has gained such widespread popularity, regardless of the price range.
Also of considerable importance is the impact of the extract, designed to correct the parameters of the figure. Its unusual properties make great reduce appetite, effectively inhibit the activity of substances involved in the preservation and accumulation of fat in the body. As a result, from the use of this tool is the ability to burn fat, normalize and natural way to improve an existing metabolism . In addition to the normalization of weight, the same favorable result of the use of this precious natural product is to improve the skin, slowing down the overall aging of the human body.
One of the important qualities of the use of green tea extract is a high concentration of caffeine, a polyphenol, the main of which is epigallocatechin-3-gallate - a real natural destructive free radicals.Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, together with those present in trace elements, iron is involved in metabolic processes, inhibits undesirable oxidation processes, stimulates the formation of blood. Vitamin K prevents the formation of blood clots, provides normal blood viscosity. Vitamin P normalizes capillary permeability, increases the strength of the vascular wall. Catechins stand up for human cells, reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
Thus, on the basis of the foregoing question the beneficial properties of this remarkable product of plant origin is not necessary. To maintain the health of the extract prepared on the basis of green tea - an effective health aide man!