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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Brew Tea

To prepare a good tea should be first choose a quality tea leaves. When you select should pay
tea in bag
attention to the appearance of leaves. 
Firstly, the color should match the type of tea: black tea should be just black, green - green or light green. Halftone - a sign of poor quality welding. 
Secondly, good tea does not include impurities and looks uniform. 
water for tea, as well as for cooking, in general, should be as soft. It should not be impurities. Of course, the opaque color - as a sign of poor water quality. 
There are many ways to brew tea - from the classic to the exotic. MirSovetov would like to draw your attention to the fact that black and green tea brewed in different ways. 
One of the most common ways to brew black tea is as follows. In a clean pan heat the water. Boil it is not necessary, as this will worsen the taste of the drink. The optimum temperature for brewing black tea - 95 º C. 
In order to better brewed tea, tea pot should be warmed beforehand. In the east, for this the whole thing is dipped in hot water. However, you can enroll in another way, for example, hold a kettle on a gas stove burner or put in the oven for a short time. 
then poured into a teapot tea leaves. Number of it - a matter of taste, everything is chosen by experimentation. Immediately after falling asleep welding fill it with boiling water, about 1/3 of the kettle.Cover with a linen tea towel or other suitable cloth and wait for 1-2 minutes. Is then added to the boiling water 3/4 pot and cover with again, not allowing the kettle to cool down too quickly. Since tea is brewed for 5-10 minutes more. You can then pour the tea leaves into the cups, pouring boiling water to taste. 

cup of tea
About adding sugar to tea, there are different opinions: some believe that the sugar does not allow to fully experience the real taste of tea, anyone, on the contrary, sugar-free tea is not. Here again, a matter of taste. The same can be said about adding lemon tea or milk. Brewing green tea differs from black brew primarily to the fact that green tea can be steeped multiple times - up to 10 times. In China, when brewed green tea, use the following recipe: How to prepare and take the water of black tea with a minimum content of mineral salts. Teapot also heated. Welding put the rate of 1 heaped teaspoon of 150-200 ml of water. Pour brew water heated to a temperature of 75-80 º C, allowed to stand for 1.5-2 minutes, and then poured into a special feeding and Chinese called "Chakha". In principle, this approach can either ceramic or glass container. Then, repeat the procedure, filling the tea leaves with hot water and pouring the infusion of "Chahal", each time increasing the infusion time of 15-20 seconds. Good varieties of green tea is permissible to re-brew up to 10 times. After welding is exhausted, the tea of "chahaya" poured into cups. Practice also brewing without "chahaya" when the drink is poured directly from the teapot into the cup. In addition, each serving of regular brew is different from the previous one new flavor and aroma. Tea as you have time to make sure, after reading this article - healthy and tasty drink. A MirSovetov wishes you a pleasant stay for a cup of tea with your loved ones and hope that this article has helped you to better understand the nature of such a wonderful drink.