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Friday, June 14, 2013

Properties of Tea

Almost immediately after the tea is widespread, people discovered its healing properties. In China, tea was originally used only as a medicine, and only today has become an everyday drink. What are the main currently known beneficial properties of tea:
  • Thanks to caffeine-containing tea has a tonic effect.
    tea leaf
  • Additionally, caffeine has a beneficial effect on cardiac muscle, as well as the circulatory system.
  • Tea is known as an excellent diaphoretic (promotes perspiration) facility. No wonder the people of Central Asia, in spite of the hot climate, drink tea often and in large quantities, which often surprises Europeans. Indeed tea improving perspiration to evaporate moisture from the body surface, and hence does not allow the body to cool. Sweating can also rid the body of toxins.
  • Antiseptic black and green tea used for diarrhea. Strong tea kill harmful intestinal microflora.
  • Tea contains many elements that are part of the human bones and teeth. In a series of studies conducted by Chinese and Japanese scientists have found that the constant use of tea has beneficial effects on tooth enamel, and is also a good prevention of dental caries.
  • Japanese scientists conducting research in Hiroshima, also found that green tea displays the body of some radionuclides, particularly strontium-90.
  • In some countries, there are studies that suggest that tea exerts some anti-cancer effect. It is for certain that the mechanism of action is unknown, as is not known until the end of the nature of cancer, but the fact remains that tea helps prevent cancer.
  • And almost everyone knows that tea (especially green) helps to cope with the cold. Then there is a complex action: tea warms the throat due to profuse sweating helps to reduce the temperature and removes toxins.
Specific contraindications to the use of tea there, but MirSovetov has to say about some of the restrictions that would be no less useful to know our readers:
  • Do not drink tea on an empty stomach - it can be harmful to the digestive system.
    dried tea
  • Do not drink too hot or too cold tea. You can burn hot and the cold chill corny throat.
  • Do not drink too much strong tea. The high concentration of caffeine in this drink is bad for human health. Especially, it is not recommended to drink strong tea for people suffering from high blood pressure , glaucoma, an exacerbation of gastric ulcers.
  • Do not make the tea too long - it affects its taste and nutritional quality.
  • Do not drink tea medications, as they may be poorly absorbed. Medication is generally best to wash down with clean water.
  • Do not brew black tea multiple times.
  • Do not drink tea yesterday - he not only does not contain nutrients, but also can harm the body.