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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tea made from birch fungus Chaga

Chaga - a cancer birch. Black growths should not be confused with hoof tinder. Collect them for a year, but in spring and autumn, they have a stronger effect. In folk medicine since ancient times and is quite effective shelf fungus used in cancer of the stomach, pancreas, duodenum, liver and spleen. 

In this case, you need to know: Pharmacy Chaga is ineffective, as is dried at high temperatures! 

Prepare herbal tea is easy: chopped mushroom (2-3 tablespoons per cup) filled in for 4-5 hours. It becomes soft and can be crushed again and again leave for a day. And then strain and drink tea throughout the day. You can just cook for 3-4 days. Drink this tea before meals - for tumors of different localization. In cancer of the internal organs need to do extra warm medicated enemas - 2-4 tablespoons per night. The infusion of fungus good to drink for the prevention of peptic ulcer disease, diseases of the intestines. Practice has shown: in the villages where they drink chaga like an ordinary tea, do not get cancer.