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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The main country-suppliers of tea

tea suppliersThe main country-suppliers of tea

Turkey. largest tea-eastern region of Turkey is the Black Sea coast near the town of Riza. Collection time - three times a year from May to October. 
Turkish tea due to its geographical growth is very unpretentious and productive. tea from Africa. Kenya is in East Africa on both sides of the equator and has about 400 km of coastline along the Indian Ocean. The height of the coast from 1500 to 2000 m above sea level and is dominated by volcanic soils. As a result, Kenyan tea is strong enough and has a nutty flavor when brewed, has a copper color. Tea from India:

  • Darjeeling - a town in West Bengal. Tea plantations are located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Thanks to the hot sun and cool enough at night there grows the most noble and precious tea in the world. Height plantations has to slow the growth of leaves. This leads to a particularly intense and unique flavor. Dardzhilling would be standing on the same stage with champagne, if there was the best wine cellars in France. Indian tea is of two kinds: First Flush - spring collection, and Second Flush - year-old. The first has a light floral aroma and a lighter color when brewed. The second - a full, strong spicy flavor with a rich color when brewed with bright pronounced muscat flavor. After the fall of the monsoon crop harvested a little more with a light fruity aroma, which is called the Autumn cup.
  • Assam - state in India includes the low-lying valleys on either side of the Brahmaputra. In the north of the border with the Eastern Himalayas. Assam tea has a rich, malty color when brewed and special flavor. Most often this tea using tea bags.
Ceylon. Tea from Sri Lanka is still called Ceylon, the old name of the country. The harvest is here all year round. Better quality tea in the east reaches in the dry from June to September, when it rains in the west.The west side also reached the peak of its tea quality from December to March, when the monsoon covers the east. Ceylon tea has a refreshing tart flavor and a golden color when brewed. It is talking about it, "Gold in the cup." Tea from China. green tea cultivated in China for nearly 5,000 years. Tea plantations located throughout the southern and central regions of the country. Tea Chinese proposal is quite multifaceted - from semi-fermented oolong to classic black tea, which, by the way, very little used by the Chinese themselves. Because of its diversity of Chinese tea can not be brought under a single flavor line.Indonesian tea:

  • A. Java. On the island of Java, predominantly volcanic soil that gives the tea, soft fruit notes.Harvesting is carried out all year round.
  • Sumatra. Sumatra - the second largest island of the Malaysian Archipelago - is located near the equator and has a tropical climate with year-round rainfall. Tea plantations are located here in the rain forest. Is picking tea leaves all year round.
  • Taiwan. The former name of Formosa (Formosa). This tea is cultivated for more than 300 years.Harvesting is carried out six times a year. Among connoisseurs of tea oolong enjoys particular respect, the production of which is very expensive and is a special quality selection. Tea from this region because of their small number is one of the most expensive in the world.

enjoy the teaWhere better to buy tea

Tea, although an everyday product, requires special attention.Despite the fact that modern living conditions compelled to think about the economy, tea - a special niche. He decoration for your desk, jewel, which completes the whole image. So do not skimp on it. 
Buy tea preferably in specialty stores. Do not be afraid that they would be "too expensive." Unlike tea shops from online product that you are not buying a "pig in a poke." You can see inhale the scent. This already means that the choice is made ​​not only in terms of prices and the inscriptions on the packaging. You can immediately assess the advantages and disadvantages (anyone) the flavor and quality of tea - as far as the whole tea leaves and what color they are, whether or not added any herbs and flowers or replaced with cheaper fragrances. 
convenience shopping in tea shops consists in the fact that the tea can be purchased for as long as you want (30-50 g) - not everyone dares to buy tea in an unfamiliar big package. Or family for the holidays to indulge elite tea - not every family is available. 
Chai - the perfect gift for any occasion, it is possible to give everyone, regardless of status and gender.