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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From what actually is produce iced tea from stores?

Iced tea is manufactured on the basis of drinking purified water. The structure of a quality product should include natural ingredients: tea powder, sugar and fruit extract. Quality ice tea can contain preservatives, colorants, flavors and should not be carbonated.

The range of flavors of iced tea in the majority of manufacturing companies is almost the same. It is in the first place - an extract of black tea flavored with a variety of additions: peach, green apple and lemon, or an extract of green tea without flavors or with lemon. In the fight for consumer companies have started to use other flavors - pineapple, jasmine, strawberry, tea rose, raspberry and hibiscus.

Currently, cold tea is poured into two kinds of packaging - plastic bottles of half liter and a half, as well as tin. Better to buy tea in bottles, poured into a hot way. It is cooked under pressure at a temperature of 120 ยบ C, then cooled to 80 ° C and for time already bottled. Therefore preservatives are unnecessary. Already a twisted bottle to cool. It should be thermally stable.

But some manufacturers are preparing iced teas on the following principle: dilute the powder in cold water and then to drink is not spoiled, preservatives are added. So much for the traditional flavor chemistry.

At home, you can conduct an experiment: try to pour boiling water in the bottle of cold tea. If it was not deformed - a drink prepared hot way. In this usually added sugar, rather than substitutes to save on costs. A sweetener has a specific flavor to the same carcinogen.