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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to brew tea Puer

Welcome to a cup of tea. No, not even that, I invite you to a tea ceremony. Imagine the window softly falling snow, bustling passers-by, and singing in the kitchen kettle is white starched tablecloth. Waiting in the wings welding. Yes, is not simple. Today we will enjoy a Chinese tea Puer.

What is it and what is eaten

brewing puer
That is, it is clear that not eating and drinking. Puer - a small village in China, the birthplace of tea, unique person, hence the name. The original taste and miraculous properties of this drink are explained, first of all, the process of fermentation, through which the "raw material" - leaves of the tea tree. With shrubs, according to experts, receive fee is not such a great quality. 
When dried raw warehoused in a humid room and exposed to a variety of microorganisms, obtained shu pu-erh - "ready," that is treated by accelerated technology, artificial way. 
Prior to the invention of the method , the tea was "ready" right in the path of the customer, the road was long, time enough. Now the product obtained by fermenting naturally, called sheng pu-erh - raw pu-erh tea. 
Like the exquisite wines, pu erh tea is valued higher, the longer the term of his endurance. 
True connoisseurs recommend drinking puer tea, no sugar, just a bit of sugar with a slice of chocolate, marmalade and even better just with dried fruit.


Last gloss Puer tea suggest this: compressed and form of the final product of different sizes shapes. This can be a great cakes, blocks, jacks, or even mushrooms. Or tiny balls, which are considered the most comfortable for a one-time welding. Sometimes also the leaf Puer. 
Choosing Puer tea, be sure to take a look and sniff. The smell of mold is not valid. Qualitative tiled Puer must not have cavities and the type of cheese with holes.

How to brew

It is important to observe safety Puer tea brewing. To fully experience the healing of his quality and enjoy the taste and aroma, try to remember the following points:
  1. Tea should be glass or porcelain. Of clay is not necessary, as this material absorbs odor, and will not leave a chance for welding different sort. 
    For the tea ceremony with the change of the different varieties of Puer and this wine is best cups of use. Brew Puer right into them. 
    Additionally, you can use a glass of glass. A great opportunity to not only taste the delicious taste, but also delight the eye. The tea leaves in water lilies disclosed if, in the light play. Follow the example of the Chinese and completely surrender to the process of tea.
  2. Number of welding is determined by eye: it's either a ball (in the case of such packaging) or a slice of 2-3 cm from the large tiles.
  3. So, dishes done, the main character - erh - also on the table. While the heated water for brewing, fill it with cold tea. This "revive" him and cleanse. There is another way to get rid of impurities - lightly fry Puer before brewing. Lightly - it's half a minute over low heat.
  4. To properly brew pu erh tea, you can not use cool boiled water. But here's the kettle or other container for brewing better traditionally pour just fine prokipevshey water. The very same drink is prepared with the help of "noise in the pines" - as the Chinese call in the boiling water, when just began to form bubbles. But "young" hot water - when the water begins to boil slowly - also suitable for tasty and healthy Puer tea.
  5. Welding should infuse 10-30 seconds for the first time. It is said that the higher the quality of Puer tea, the faster it is sealed. If you intend to use the same tea leaves yet, each subsequent time you need to push it even less time. 
    This rule does not apply to fans of tart tea. Puer for you can be even tastier if you stand up for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Do not drink the tea, infuse more than an hour.
  7. Puer feature, among other things, that the many varieties of this tea does not need to make, and cooking. So you allow the drink to show their best side. Take advantage of the burner and the glass teapot. Wait for the "young" and boiling water, stirring the water, throw the tea leaves. Reduce the heat to low. Turn off the kettle when there foam. Cover and allow to stand for Puer.
  8. Puer tea instead of water can be boiled in milk.

Not only the taste, but also benefit

puer tea
Puer justly received the title of the most useful types of tea.Experts say that no wonder it is striking qualities attracted the Chinese many centuries ago. The triumphal march across the planet Puer tea began relatively recently, but its popularity is growing rapidly, despite the high prices. This tea is served in the best restaurants, called the drink of youth and beauty. 
His drink to calm down or, conversely, to cheer up, - depending, on the type and quality of welding. With proper storage and use of Puer tea over the years only "prettier." The Many Faces grant you a soft drink or a tart taste different flavors, notes of dried fruit and nuts, flavored milk, - varieties of Puer not count! Maybe not used to flavor the main color you will find specific (like rotten), but the way it should be. Pu-erh - the only one of its kind and healing properties, and the method blank, it determines its unique taste. You just need to get used to.Believe me, it's worth it 
if your health is good, drink it just for the prevention and detoxification. We must buck up and improve performance? Are coming competitions or examinations? Puer tea will be loyal assistant in any business.And turning the tea ceremony with his participation in the habit, you will feel as if "thrown off" a few years.Thanks Puer improves the complexion, skin condition. This tea contains a little caffeine, so that you can enjoy the taste of it, and at nightfall. 
Want to lose weight? ? The Chinese say that it is with Puer make it easy and pleasant. Miracle drink helps to eliminate excess fluid and the breakdown of fat. The fact that pu-erh tea helps to solve weight problems, confirmed by medical professionals. 
Moreover, the use of Puer reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, so much so effective that the researchers compared tea with these medications.  Pu-Erh also lowers blood pressure. 
 Finally, it noted a beneficial effect on people with alcohol dependence. 
Choose for yourself any sort of Puer tea, just remember that it does not tolerate vanity. Drink tea with taste!