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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Strainer for Prepartion of Green Tea

For the preparation of green tea a stainless steel tea strainer with proper Maschigkeit and 2 handles is ideal. Alternatively Kyusus offer an integrated strainer.

Green tea can be drawn correctly

The correct preparation of green tea plays a very important role in the taste and health benefits. Green tea should be used only for exactly the recommended steeping time in contact with the water. Thereafter, it is recommended to quickly pour the water into the teacups. The leaves may not be in the water, you want to, that the second infusion manage. Furthermore, also applies that the tea while dragging have as much space and can move in water should.  

The built-in strainer in the kyusu 

Traditionally, Japanese teapots made ​​of clay, called kyusu , meet all these requirements and have been designed specifically for the green tea. They offer tea enough room to breathe and have an integrated medium-fine strainer at Kannenausguß. This allows the tea to be poured directly and without delay from the pot into the cup. The leaves can then, without water, remain on the next infusion in the kyusu.Kyusus are particularly beautiful, practical, and the material can taste the sound of Japanese tea connoisseurs even finer and more harmonious.

The ideal tea strainer from a health perspective 

From a health perspective, it is ideal if the tea leaves give off as many small particles suspended in the water. At the same medium and larger particles should be filtered according to the time drawing from the water. All this is best achieved with a screen that can rotate in the water and that has the proper pore size. After some searching on the market, we have to find a stainless steel screen that has the right Maschigkeit. In addition, it has two handles so that it can be easily placed on the vessel, or, ideally, to a transparent glass. Such a strainer may be short at the beginning and then in the last 45 seconds of the infusion with loose short jerk of the wrist up and down "beaten", so that a maximum number of healthy small suspended particles found in the water. It should be slightly elongated and thus reach deep enough into the vessel. At the same time it must provide sufficient volume so that the leaves can swim freely. The stainless steel material is recommended because it is energetically somewhat neutral and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Paper filters are way too closely and is therefore not recommended in general.