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Friday, September 6, 2013

Green Tea - and Caffeine Steeping Time

Reduce caffeine content in green tea by shorter or longer steeping time? Tips in Dealing with caffeine sensitivity to green tea.

Sensitivity to caffeine in green tea

Is an increased sensitivity to caffeine in green tea before, with symptoms such as nausea, nervousness, can not sleep, etc., many people first think only of how you could reduce the caffeine content and inquire about the caffeine content in mg for the various teas. Usually disregarded is the consideration of whether the symptoms could not make a fundamental physical problem or a disease significantly. This is usually the case in my view, provided that the tea was cooked properly and is not polluted. Of course you should leave diseases and problems treated by an experienced doctor or medical practitioner.

Reduce caffeine in green tea

In addition, I recommend to make the Teeverzehr and thus reduce the negative symptoms disappear completely as possible. In this paper, caffeine in green tea reduce you to find the most important tips.

Reduce caffeine by steeping time?

A frequently asked question is whether it is possible and useful to reduce the caffeine in the green tea infusion period. The answer is no unfortunately both. This is suggested in my view for the following reasons:
  1. The caffeine dissolves relatively quickly in water. After only about 30 seconds brew time, a significant portion is converted into water, but very few other valuable substances. The optimal health benefits taking into account all active components of green tea unfolds in my estimation, but after exactly 2 minutes.
  2. From about 1-2 minutes many important ingredients are dissolved in the water for tea, caffeine in the body that make the sound. It depends not only on the sheer amount of caffeine, but particularly on the combination and bond with other substances. In particular, the amino acid L-theanine plays an important role. You will be solved only significantly during that period.
  3. A longer steeping time affected the Wirkstoffmix than 2 minutes in a very negative way. The caffeine is released after this period almost entirely in the water. While going with increasing duration now even more clearly tannins into the water (eg tannins) and bind the caffeine stronger, but at the same time are the most important other substances which increase the compatibility (eg, L-theanine), largely impaired.
The caffeine in green tea has in the interaction with the other ingredients of a particular health significance and effect. In a present sensitivity to this substance should only be taken in dose tolerated, but still in the correct preparation to be.