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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why it is worth buying organic tea?

Also in the tea culture awareness about environmental issues and the benefits of organic farming has already made ​​inroads. No wonder that the demand for these organic teas rising, to contain the most natural and high-quality product.

The benefits of organic tea

Organic tea is characterized in that the tea must meet certain requirements in order to come into the range of an appropriate supplier. These include the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, no genetically modified seeds as well for the product is used. Also, the methods of cultivation are subject to certain conditions and guarantees, among other things, that the cultivation of the tea plant does not exert a negative impact on the local eco-system and also based on sustainable principles. Not least the desire to play more pleasure and joy in the use of organic foods in, and also the desire to live in harmony with the environment and to enjoy pure, untreated products.

Providers such as Pure Tea, about one in detail on the relevant page can inform, provide a detailed insight on the criteria and guidelines under which a tea is selected to receive an organic label. In this case, the award of the seal depends on other requirements that are based on the EU-Eco-regulation . Among others, a ban on the irradiation of organic foods is required, therefore, for example.
Organic does not equal organic

Is not uncommon for conventional food manufacturers try to enrich the organic trend, and so often use misleading terms to attract consumers to their side. Therefore: phrases such as "of alternative entertainment", "from contract farming," "without pesticides" or "under constant surveillance" by no guarantee that it is indeed an organic product in each product - although insure concepts such as "natural" or "naturally pure" means that the food contains no additives, organic farming, therefore, but one must not be given automatically.