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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pu Erh Concentrate

Ever heard of Pu Erh concentrate? I've tried it.

It should be one of the latest trends in the pu-erh production. Mr. Wang Xi Qun of the Cha Ma Si tea factory told me that the model for the concentrate Cha Gao, Pu Erh or paste, which should be made already for the first time in the Tang Dynasty. The information on this rare tea was found in ancient Chinese medicine books. The Pu Erh paste should have a positive effect on digestion and quickly helped to sober up after drinking. The manufacturing process was long considered lost.

In the 50-ies tea producer in Yunnan were commissioned by the Chinese government Pu Erh paste (Cha Ga o) to produce applications for the Chinese army in Tibet. It was assumed that the paste would provide the Army with the essential nutrients that were scarce in the high mountains of Tibet. After tinkering and experimenting long it has developed a manufacturing process for the Erh Pu concentrate.

Today you need 8 KG Maocha sheets for 500 g of Pu Erh concentrate. Therefore, the tea is very expensive. The small lump dissolves very quickly in water and result is a slightly sweet, mild Pu Erh tea. The preparation is quick, easy and a positive effect on our well-being is guaranteed, according to Chinese studies. What more could you want: a perfect tea for European and American market.

Also on Pu Erh powder is worked hard. At the Tea Conference in Pu Erh City an instant powder was introduced from Pu Erh in June this year. Whether or not join a Pu Erh Matcha trend after trend? Let's see ...